Disneyland Announces Dramatic Ticket Price Increase

disneyland prices
Disneyland ticket prices have increased significantly.

Even though Disney Guests are more and more discontented with their customer experiences while on vacation at Disney Parks and Disney Resorts, both in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland (and abroad), Disney has just announced yet another price increase! Disneyland ticket prices have increased by between 8 and 9 percent — and in one case, 11 percent!

According to journalist Scott Gustin, “ticket prices for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure increased an average of 8-9% on Tuesday, Oct. 11. The price of a 1-day ticket now ranges $104-$179 based on the day. Disneyland also introduced a “Tier 0″ 1-day ticket. There are now 7 tiers for 1-day tickets.”

Apparently, the biggest jump in price has been for the 2-day Disneyland ticket, which has increased by “11.8% from $255 to $285.” “All multi-day tickets increased at least 9%,” Scott Gustin added.

It was also announced today that you can now book your Disneyland visits after January 8 — so if these increased prices in everything from Disneyland tickets to Hotel Valets to theme park parking have not put you off, then you can book your 2023 Disneyland visits now.

Disney Guests have been complaining about plenty of high prices when it comes to their Disney vacations, including pricey Disney merchandise (especially due to resellers), high-price dining, and increases in prices for services like the new (and often-criticized) Disney Genie+ service. This new price increase will most likely serve to further alienate Disney Guests and any prospective Disneyland visitors who were considering some visits to the Disneyland Resort.

It was also just announced that the aforementioned Genie+ service has increased in price at Disneyland, and that the Genie+ price will now vary day by day — which does indeed seem to mean that it will be more expensive, too.

genie+ price

The price for the Disney Genie+ service has increased in Disneyland, the home of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Are these ticket prices too high for you, or will you be eager to visit Disneyland Resort and see icons like Sleeping Beauty Castle no matter how expensive the tickets get for you and your Disney-loving friends or family?

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