DIY Valentines Decorations with Hearts of Kyber

Add some Valentine’s Day decorations to your house with these DIY hearts that add lightsabers inspired by your favorite Jedi or Sith!

Choose a Jedi or Sith and pick up materials based on the colors of their lightsaber blades and hilts. Then it’s time to forge your very own Hearts of Kyber!

What You’ll Need

  • -Black paper straws (at least 25)
  • -Darth Vader: Red and silver adhesive vinyl sheets
  • -Mace Windu: Purple, silver, and gold adhesive vinyl sheets
  • -Ahsoka Tano: White, silver, and gold adhesive vinyl sheets
  • -Printed picture of your favorite Jedi or Sith
  • -Cardboard
  • -Acrylic paint and cardstock paper matching lightsaber color
  • -Paper hole punch
  • -65 cm heart hole punch
  • -Hot glue
  • -Glue
  • -Scissors
  • -Pencil
  • -Paint brush
  • -Ruler
  • -String

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Get Started!

Note: These directions are for making a Darth Vader heart decoration. Replace the colors and hilt design to match your favorite Force wielder and then use the same steps!


Step 1: Begin by cutting two pieces of cardboard about 20 centimeters long and 15 centimeters wide. Draw half a heart shape on one piece and cut it out.

Step 2: Cut a smaller half inside the half-heart shape and cut it out.

Step 3: Trace the half-heart shape on the other piece of cardboard. Cut it out.

Step 4: Hot glue the two heart pieces together and let cool


Step 5: Paint the heart red (or the matching blade color) and let dry completely.

Step 6: Cut a few long, thin strips of the red cardstock paper.


Step 7: Flip the heart to the backside. Glue the paper strips along the outside and inside edges to hide the cardboard edge. Let the glue dry completely

Step 8: Cut the straws into pieces 9.5 centimeters long.


Step 9: Prepare your adhesive vinyl pieces. Cut the red adhesive vinyl sheets into pieces 7 centimeters long and 1.5 centimeters wide. Cut the silver adhesive vinyl sheet into two different sizes: 1.5 cm long by .5 cm wide and 1.5 cm long by 1 cm wide.

Step 10: Begin sticking! Wrap the red adhesive vinyl around the straw along the top edge. Wrap the smaller silver piece where the red vinyl ends. Wrap the larger silver piece around the straw along the bottom edge.


Step 11: Use the hole punch to cut out holes from the silver adhesive vinyl sheet. Stick the silver circle on the bottom of the straw to complete the hilt.


Step 12: Attach the assembled lightsabers around the cardboard heart with the hot glue gun. Line the hilt up with the inside edge of the cardboard heart to help you with the angles.


Step 13: Space the lightsabers as evenly as possible. Continue attaching the straws until the heart is completely covered.

Step 14: Print out a photo of Darth Vader, like this one. Use the heart hole punch to cut it out.

Step 15: Use the heart hole punch on the red cardstock to cut out two hearts.


Step 16: Glue the picture to one cardstock heart and let dry.

Step 17: Cut a short piece of string and glue it between the two heart pieces. Let dry.


Step 18: Glue the string to the center point of the heart on the back side, picture side facing front. Make sure to double-check the length and position of the little hanging heart before you glue!


Your Heart of Kyber is complete! Make them in different colors and sizes to brighten up your Valentine décor.


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