Dress-Coded Guest Accuses Disneyland of Body Shaming

Another TikToker was "dress coded" recently for supposedly wearing a revealing outfit in the Disney Parks and sparking some online controversy.

The Disney Park dress code has been a topic of contention lately for many Disney Park Guests lately, since many Disney Guests like to Disneybound (i.e., dress up in outfits and styles that represent certain Disney, Marvel, or Pixar characters) or wear certain kinds of attire that suit the warm-weather climates of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — and since Disney’s dress code restrictions have been an obstacle as of late.

disney guest dress code

Disneybounding involves dressing up in an outfit or style that is inspired by a favorite Disney character — but you may also risk violating the Disney dress code.

Some Disney fans feel that the dress code is too strict, while others feel that it is not strict enough.

There are also Disney Guests who feel that the dress code should include the covering of offensive or inappropriate clothing, slogans, and tattoos (such as this one) — and still others have reported that they have been “dress coded” or criticized for their Disney outfit choices simply because of their size and weight, like this model said on TikTok after sharing the outfit shown directly below.


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Now, another influencer and TikToker has claimed that she was dress-coded unfairly! The influencer and TikToker named Laci Kay Somers (@imlacikaysomers) showed an exercise outfit that she wore to Disneyland Resort recently, revealing that the outfit was long black pants, a black sports bra, and a hat.

You can see the outfit in question in the TikTok video shown below. Somers used the hashtag #bodyshaming in her video’s caption and asked what was wrong with her outfit.


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The opinions regarding the influencer’s outfit were mixed. Some people pointed out (just as they had when discussing the aforementioned model’s Disney outfit recently) that there are far more revealing outfits on display in Disney Parks on any given day. “I feel like I’ve seen girls wearing less there,” one other TikTok user wrote.

“There are Disney marathon runners that wear less than this … even a Disney princess that wears less than this” another TikToker pointed out. Others, however, felt that Somers should have known that she would be dress coded in her chosen outfit. The Disneyland Resort and Disney Parks are “family friendly”, someone wrote. “Don’t like it go elsewhere.”

As another TikTok user and Disney enthusiast succinctly put it, “buy a shirt, there is a dress code.. follow it or leave.”

What are your thoughts on this particular Disney outfit and the supposed violation of the dress code? Where have you seen the most dress code violations: Walt Disney World Resort theme parks like the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, or Disneyland Resort theme parks and locations like Disney Springs?

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