Model Defends Her Disney Outfit After “Inappropriate” Accusations

model wearing outfit in front of cinderella castle

Once again, the standards for Disney outfits and dress codes have come into question! We have seen many Walt Disney World Resort Guests complain about the Disney dress code recently, or complain about offensive or revealing outfits that they have seen other Disney World Guests wearing. Now, a plus-size model who has recently enjoyed a trip to Walt Disney World Resort has brought the topic to Disney fans’ attention yet again.

Sam Paige is a plus-size model and popular TikTok influencer who shared some videos of her recent trip to Disney World (particularly her visit to the Walt Disney World Resort Magic Kingdom Park, where she posed in front of Cinderella Castle at her “fave place”).

The model was wearing a pink and white outfit that seemed perfect for a Disney princess and would most likely pass muster in the eyes of personal Disney stylists — complete with Minnie Mouse ears that complemented the ensemble — but, instead of being praised for her Disney style and Disney look, other TikTok users attacked the model for dressing in something that was supposedly too revealing for a family-focused theme park like Walt Disney World.


My fave place!!!

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“Why dress so inappropriate when you’re at a theme park for children? That’s an outfit you’d wear at an adult gathering,” one naysayer wrote on the social media platform. Sam Paige responded to the negative comments in another video that can be seen below, making it clear that she did not think that her outfit would be called “inappropriate” if it was worn by someone smaller than her,

“I’m wearing a shirt with sleeves and a skort,” she said in her response, clarifying that a skort is “a skirt that has shorts attached to it.” By many Disney Guests’ standards, a shirt with sleeves and a skort would not be a problem — and we have certainly seen far more revealing or inappropriate outfits (or even tattoos) on display on other Disney Guests recently!


Feeling myself in this fit

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In Sam Paige’s case, the influencer and model made it clear that the people who criticized her outfit choice were only calling her outfit “inappropriate” for Disney World “because it’s on a big body.”


Replying to @stranger_danger_get_away loo what big people have to go through just to exsist

♬ original sound – Sam Paige

“Skinny people wear shorter things, more revealing things at theme parks,” Sam Paige added, mentioning later that “because I’m fat it’s ‘inappropriate'”. Some other Disney fans agreed with the TikTok user, mentioning that they have “literally seen people in actual bikinis at Disney” as well as “jean shorts…that might as well have been thongs”.

Do you think that Sam Paige is right? Have you had any negative experiences when it comes to following Disney World’s dress code or choosing an outfit for your Disney look that won’t get you kicked out of the Disney Parks — and what is the most inappropriate outfit that you have seen on another Disney Guest?

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