“We Were Seriously Surprised”: Family That Almost Called Off Disney World Vacation Makes The Trip

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One family shared their story about their recent Walt Disney World vacation, and the trip ended up surprising them.

The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are renowned for being the ultimate destination for a Disney vacation. However, many fans have recently reported that the Walt Disney World experience or Disneyland experience has been less than ideal. In fact, just recently, one family called their Disney vacation “wasted money.”

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Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World/Courtesy of Disney

However, recently—be that because of Bob Iger’s return to the mantle of CEO of the Walt Disney Company, and Bob Chapek’s exit, or because of the recent exciting announcements that Disney shared in honor of the Disney 100 years of Wonder celebration—many Guests have been speaking out for the Mouse House and the Theme Parks.

Disney Guest and Reddit user u/chewchomp80, a British Guest, shared how they were incredibly glad to have not listened to all the naysayers online and on the news.

main street usa magic kingdom

Main Street, U.S.A., Magic Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

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The user shared,

We had a bloody blast. We ate well, we managed the rides we wanted, we walked until our feet ached. The room at the Contemporary was clean, comfortable and thoughtfully placed in a wing seemingly somewhere just south of New York. But we love a walk so didn’t mind. The cast members – each and all – were enthusiastic, wished us happy anniversary and a happy birthday, helped where needed and provided a smile at all times. In essence, it was magical.

In the comments, many fellow Guests corroborated this sentiment.

disney characters magic kingdom

Disney characters at the Magic Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

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U/Irishpanda88 shared, “We had a great time both on trips last year…Also I think I’m the only person who likes Na’vi Rover Journey ? I find it really relaxing.” Many also shared that far too many fans were too negative and were all about the “doom and gloom.”

Ultimately, we’re glad to hear that these fans had a wonderful vacation and they felt the trip was worth the effort and money.

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The Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida is home to four Disney Parks: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. Each Disney Park is a wonderful place to get the perfect Disney experience. Disney World Guests can go to any Theme Park to get their chance at feeling the Disney magic.

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