You Can Relive the FastPass Nostalgia With This Old Disney Video

fastpass disney video

We have just the video for Disney fans who have been desperately missing FastPass and have had myriad complaints with Genie+.

The Disney Genie suite—with the Genie+ and Lightning Lane service—and the additional Individual Lightning Lane system are hot on the mouth of every Disney fan, just not for the reasons we’d hope. Whereas the system they replaced, FastPass, is constantly remembered fondly by the Disney community, the current system has seen many complaints from Disney fans.

cinderella castle mk 50th

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

In fact, recent reports even show that Disney Genie has actively made lines worse at the Disney Parks. But while data appears to demonstrate this in no uncertain terms, executives from the Walt Disney Company swear by Disney Genie and have stated that they “believe” in the Disney Genie product.

Meanwhile, fans have constantly expressed a longing for the old FastPass system, and recently one fan shared an old FastPass advert to express this nostalgia.

Check it out:


Remeber when you didn’t have to plan your Disney vacation 6 months in advance, or wake up at dawn to book attractions? Paper FastPass was a simplier time. #disneyproblems #disneyadult #fastpass #disney2000s #disneyworld #disneytipsandtricks #disneytips #disneyfan

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The video, an old promotional advertisement for FastPass, shows a woman introducing them by telling viewers “waiting in line is no one’s favorite” at the Disney Parks, and Disney feels Guests’ pain. She explains that the Mouse House has found ways to allow Guests to go through the lines faster, and the number one way is FastPass.

One of the key differences—and one of the biggest complaints about the new Genie—between FastPass and the Disney Genie suite is that FastPass was free. Disney Genie is not only a paid service, at the end of last year, Disney even announced the system would have variable pricing and could even be “sold out.”

Animal Kingdom Entrance

Disney’s Animal Kingdom entrance/Courtesy of Disney

Moreover, Disney has continued to find ways to make sure Disney Genie stays “exclusive.” With all these issues constantly cropping up, it’s no wonder fans long for the days when visiting Walt Disney World Resort or visiting Disneyland Resort was just a tad bit simpler.

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