“TERRIBLE”: Fans Frustrated at Parents Ruining Disney Experience

disneyland parents ruining

Disney adults are making their voices known again, exclaiming their frustration at parents bringing infants to Disney Parks.

Disney adults have been in the news time and again for a variety of reasons. Many times, fellow Disney fans on the internet call them out for what they perceive to be unnecessary behavior, other times, it’s because they share either magical happenings at the Parks or, conversely, less happy occurrences.

disneyland resort

Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Resort/Courtesy of Disney

Disney Guests have had their fair share of complaints, be that for bad behavior from fellow Guests or for issues on the part of Disney. The latest from one Disney adult is their irritation with parents who bring their infants to the Disneyland Resort. The Guest shared a video of a group of strollers down at the Disney Park, with the accompanying text on the video:

Are infants and their strollers ruining Disney?

Okay, question…should parents be brining infants to Disneyland? I mean, why are you doing it? To block off all of the walkways, the midday meltdowns, the incredibly hassle, or the fact that they won’t remember anything, but I guess you’ll have the pictures? 

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort/Courtesy of Disney

Fans in the comments were utterly unamused at the situation and responded to the video letting the Guest know that.

One fan, Kellee Long, commented, “Why are you in the designated stroller spots being a jerk? Get over it. Most, if not all, probably have older kids too.”

Another fan, Brittany Skinner, seconded the sentiment, adding, “Disney is for families… you bring your family. If a baby is part of your family, they come on vacation with you. Not to mention, it is a whole lot cheaper to bring your baby with you on vacation than it is hiring someone to care for the baby, and worrying about the child the whole time!”

disneyland resort pixar pier

Disney California Adventure Park, Disneyland Resort/ Courtesy of Disney

Disneyland Resort is known to be a family-friendly vacation spot like its sister Resort, the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida, home to the famous Magic Kingdom Park. Guests should certainly expect to see families (including infants and toddlers) at the Disney Parks.

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