Fans Accuse Disney of Ruining Haunted Mansion With Hatbox Ghost Announcement

Fans mad Hatbox Ghost

On July 28, Disney released its newest live-action film, Haunted Mansion, in theaters. The film starred Rosario Dawson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny DeVito, Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, and LaKeith Stanfield. It tells a brand-new story, while also honoring so many things that Guests love about the classic attraction, especially the one located in Disneyland Resort. One of the most exciting characters brought to life in the film was Crump, The Hatbox Ghost, who was portrayed by Suicide Squad star, Jared Leto.

Hatbox Ghost haunted mansion movie

Credit: Disney

The Hatbox ghost was one of the main characters on the original Haunted Mansion ride. However, there were many technical issues with the animatronic, so he didn’t last long. However, he became a part of Haunted Mansion lore, with his popularity increasing so much that he was brought back to the ride in 2015. Then, at the D23 Expo held in September 2022, Disney announced that the Hatbox Ghost would be making his way to the East Coast and would become a part of the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World Resort.

Don't Bring Ashes to Disney

Credit: Disney

Well, after months of waiting, more details were revealed about adding the Hatbox Ghost to Disney World. According to Disney, the Hatbox Ghost “will appear to Guests as they pass the Endless Hallway”, which is at the beginning of the attraction.

Well, that news set off an absolute firestorm.

the hatbox ghost magic kingdom

Credit: Disney

Since the Haunted Mansion attraction opened at Disneyland in 1969 and in 1971 at Walt Disney World, the storyline has always been the same. Guests travel in doom buggies through the haunted mansion. They meet Madame Leota, who is conducting a séance. That séance allows the spirits to come out and assemble for a “swinging wake”. The ghosts can not appear until called by Leota. That storyline is completely changed by adding the Hatbox Ghost to the beginning of the attraction.

Fans were not happy about the change and were vocal in their disappointment.

Actually your crystal ball is crazy ironic now that a ghost will appear before she summons them. This is the dumbest thing you’ve done since Enchantment.

They were upset that Disney Imagineers would seemingly throw out the story that the original Imagineers worked so hard to bring to life.

The original imagineers behind the mansion took years over planning out the layout and story beats. I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. If the ghosts were meant to be visible at that point in the ride we’d see who was holding the floating candelabra.

Some called on Disney to “do the right thing” and change the location of the Hatbox Ghost.

The fans should not have to tell you that is the wrong location. Otherwise, if it is a new version of him that fits the narrative for that spot that could work but this is such a simple addition I don’t see how it could be messed up like this. Do the right thing.

The Hatbox Ghost’s placement at Disneyland never caused an issue because it seemed to be in the right place. In Disneyland, the Hatbox Ghost is located at the edge of the attic, greeting Guests right before they “fall” out of the window and join other spooks for a swinging wake in the graveyard below.

We do not know exactly what date the Hatbox Ghost will make his Disney World debut, but we do know that it will happen later this year.

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