Former Disney Star Goes Topless in Recent Photos

dove cameron topless

Disney Channel stars have spoken out time and again about their frustrations with the Walt Disney Company’s treatment of them during their time with the network. From Selena Gomez, to Demi Lovato many former Disney stars have expressed some hardship during their time with the Disney Channel. One star, in particular, stands out for her repeatedly expressing different ways that her Disney past has been difficult. Disney star Dove Cameron. The singer-songwriter who shot to fame for her performance on Liv and Maddie has spoken out consistently about various issues she faced and has made a real effort to separate herself from the Disney image; now, Dove Cameron has solidified some of that in her recent photos where the artist has posed topless.

dove cameron d23

Dove Cameron / Courtesy of D23

Singer Dove Cameron recently recalled she never felt like she fit the image of a Disney girl. Last year, she told the LA Times she was “always the strange outlier who doesn’t belong and who will never fit in.” Cameron added that she had huge imposter syndrome.

Whether in an effort to find herself or otherwise, Cameron (in what appears to be now deleted) posted on Instagram topless recently. Fans were largely supportive of the move, sharing “i’m weak at the knees” and “who drew you?”

Many fans also wondered and speculated about the purpose of a photo like this, double heightened by the deletion of the post. They asked, “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN,” and questioned whether this “could be an album cover.”

dove cameron disney

This change of image is not new to former Disney stars. All former stars who’ve built a career outside of their Disney image have had to work to separate themselves from the Disney brand. However, there have been some instances of stars stepping much farther away than one might have originally thought. One Disney star even found his way into porn.

dove cameron liv and maddie

Disney star Dove Cameron performing as Liv on Liv and Maddie/Courtesy of Disney

Ultimately, while the photos of Dove Cameron topless are no longer on her social media, fans are incredibly excited about what this could mean for the singer’s upcoming releases and are waiting with bated breath.

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