Frozen Performers Unite From Around the World For A Unique Performance

Caroline Bowman as Elsa and Caroline Innerbichler as Anna in Frozen on Broadway. Credit:

If you’ve been following Disney’s Broadway shows, then you probably already know that Broadway is back in force with showings of Frozen, The Lion King, and Aladdin! To celebrate, the cast of Frozen brought viewers a “special surprise”. Frozen’s Broadway performers Caroline Bowman and Caroline Innerbichler released a teaser of the “surprise” yesterday (see it directly below), hinting that it would involve lots of Elsas and Annas teaming up–and we were not disappointed!

An international medley of “Let it Go” was unveiled earlier today, featuring the Frozen sisters in a whole new way. The actresses and singers playing Elsa were Caroline Bowman from the North American Tour, Jemma Rix from Australia, Samantha Barks from the West End in London, Sabrina Weckerlin from Hamburg Germany, and Mizue Okamoto from Tokyo. Watch the performance below!


Meanwhile, the talented actresses playing their counterparts (the ‘Annas’) were Caroline Innerbichler from the North American Tour, Courtney Monsma from Australia, Stephanie McKeon from London’s West End, Celena Pieper from Hamburg Germany, and Tomoko Machishima from Tokyo. We loved that the video not only featured all of the singers performing, both in duets and together as a whole, but we also loved that footage from behind-the-scenes of the stage productions was included! It was fascinating to see how “Frozen” stage rehearsals look as far afield as Tokyo and Hamburg, and it was surreal to see it all come together in one triumphant performance.


Credit: Caroline

Credit: Caroline Bowman Instagram

We already knew that the North American tour’s Caroline Bowman and Carolien Innerbichler were close (if you didn’t, you can tell in the teaser video that they released yesterday, or in the images above), but it was so sweet to see how loving and connected the other actresses seem with each other! Whether it was the Anna and Elsa from Tokyo or Hamburg or London or Australia, each pair seemed completely in tune with one another (and not just music-wise). The camaraderie and friendship between all of these “sisters” seems very real, and really adds to their performances. Have you seen Frozen on stage (or perhaps Aladdin or The Lion King)? And did you see this other remarkable performance, where the leads from all three Disney musicals combined their shows’ tunes to create a whole new sound?

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