‘Disney Adult’ Trespasses into Space Mountain Display

Guest Trespasses on Space Mountain
Credit: Disney (left); @emleier (right)

Those who have braved the science-fiction thrill of Disney World’s Space Mountain will be familiar with the beautiful displays as they were led out of the ride. These displays are advertisements for fictional tourist destinations across Tomorrowland’s Galaxy.

These displays are for viewing only, but it appears one Guest decided to get a closer look.

TikToker @embleier recently shared a video of herself climbing out of the walkway and into one of the displays for a picture with the caption “The only reason I ride Space Mountain.”

Check it out:


The only reason I ride Space Mountain #tommorowland #spacemountain #disney #disneyworld #rollercoaster

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Some Disney fans did not seem to appreciate her actions.

Todd Cash said, “Sent that to my friend who’s a security manager for the park just to help you along.”

Katie Laignel said, “You might never be able to go to Disney Park again. Is that worth it?”

Maddie Benson said, “just a friendly FYI people get banned from the parks for life for this.”

This action comes just after a variety of trespassing antics from similarly-minded Guests, including one story from Disney Springs where a Guest seemingly attempted to go surfing in one of the fountains. Click the link below to read our coverage of that previous story.

Guest tries to Surf at Disney Springs

Credit: Twitter/@MichaelSheehyJr

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Delinquent actions from Disney Park Guests do seem to be on the rise from “Disney Adult,” and one has to wonder if the amount of social media attention each act can get is causing the uptick. 

We at Disney Fanatic want to remind all of our readers that it should be assumed that Disney Security monitors social media for such actions they might miss, and all such trespassing could result in consequences from Disney World and the other Disney Parks Resorts, including complete bans from the Parks.

Guest trespasses on Space Mountain display

Credit: TikTok @embleier

We will continue to update our readers on Disney Parks news and stories as more developments come to light.

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