Child Leashes at Disney World? Some Guests Approve

kids leashes disney world

This one surprised us, but not other Guests: a mom bought a leash to put on her toddler when they visit Walt Disney World later this year.

Visiting Walt Disney World Resort, whether Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, or Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland Resort, is always an experience to write home about. A Disney Park is known in particular for being the perfect place for a family-friendly Disney vacation.

magic kingdom

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park/Disney

But not all parents always feel that way. Earlier this month we reported about a parent who expressed that he thought while Walt Disney World was a fun vacation, it was not a good place to take children.

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The truth is, taking a kid to a Disney Park can be difficult. Between the large crowds and long waits, just the simple act of trying to keep track of where a child goes can be incredibly difficult. That’s why one mom came up with the solution of buying her toddler a leash as she planned her trip to the Disney Theme Park coming up later this year.

Disney Guest and Reddit user, u/Born-Tune9085, opened out the discussion on the social media platform:

Face Masks at Disney

Children wearing masks at Walt Disney World/Disney

As the user detailed out,

I used to be in the anti-leash camp, however, my daughter is SO rambunctious, loves to walk vs being in a stroller, and listens fairly well, but she’s still very limited in her listening skills due to her young age! It’s hard enough wrangling her while out shopping at Target, let alone in a massive crowd of people at Disney. We’re going in December and it will be pretty busy. I’ll also be 7 months pregnant and it just seems downright mentally and physically exhausting keeping a hand on her 100% of the time. At least with a leash, if I look away for three seconds, I know that she’ll still be close.


While this may seem unbelievable to many Disney fans, the comments were filled with people who had either seen parents with toddlers on leashes or were supportive of the act altogether.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain in Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom/Disney

u/ishouldntbehere96 mentioned, “You’ll be judged harder when your kid tries to run into a parade float or something else dangerous.” And u/anonyoudidnt agreed, chiming in, “Everyone judges for everything. Just have to do what you think is best in life and forget anyone who judges it.”

One user, u/akk34 added their own anecdote,

I was at Disney this week – saw at least 1 kid per day wearing a leash. Honestly, didn’t give it a second thought and don’t see anyone blink an eye. Toddlers are SO effing fast and my 6mo pregnant ass could not keep up with my 2.5yo.

Get the leash. Have so much fun. Sit whenever you can – my feet are still sore ?.

cinderella castle magic kingdom

Magic Kingdom Park/Disney

The user finally edited the original post sharing that she got her toddler a Minnie Mouse leash that would both allow her to keep track of the child and the child would also look really cute.

All said and done, while it may seem a little out of the box, the idea certainly appears to be one that appeals to many a Disney fan.

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