Disney Guests Experience Bizarre Ride Shutdown


Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests have been up in arms lately when it comes to their Disney vacations — for a number of reasons, including increasing prices and (until very recently) CEO Bob Chapek — but one big frustration has continued to pose a challenge: ride breakdowns.


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Disney Park Guests have reported a “ridiculous” number of Disney ride and roller coaster breakdowns, sometimes multiple times a day, as well as signs of disrepair on Disney rides or humorous malfunctions.

Since Disney vacations have been becoming more and more expensive, these constant ride breakdowns are an understandable grievance. However, recently the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster had to shut down in Disneyland Resort because of a particularly strange cause!

someone drove their electric scooter onto the Thunder Mt. tracks. from Disneyland

When Guests spotted an electric scooter on the railroad tracks of the ride and shared photos of it online, there was a great deal of concern about the safety of the owner (especially since there was no sign of the scooter operator). Disneyland Cast Members did quickly remove the electric scooter from the tracks, but the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster did temporarily have to be shut down.

Disney Guests have seen many ride breakdowns, malfunctions, and signs of disrepair on rides like Splash Mountain in recent months — with some breakdowns and evacuations actually being the result of Disney Park Guests’ bad behavior on rides, such as this Guest’s bad behavior on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride — but this particular reason for a Disney Park ride’s shutdown might just take the cake!

Were you in Disneyland Resort when this strange incident took place? Were you a Disneyland Resort Guest who was waiting to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and who had to experience yet another Disney ride breakdown (even if this ride shutdown did have a very specific cause)?

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