‘Finding Dory’ Character Joins Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

hank finding nemo submarine voyage

If your favorite new character in the 2016 Pixar movie Finding Dory was the grumpy side character Hank (aka an orange octopus whose lack of an eighth tentacle made him a septopus) instead of Becky the bird, Bailey the beluga whale, or Destiny the whale shark, then you’re about to be a happy Guest at Disneyland Resort! The nautical Disneyland Park ride Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is returning in July for Disneyland Resort Guests’ enjoyment, and Hank has just been added to the ride by Walt Disney Imagineering.

The renovations and updates of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage were apparently the result of a lengthy collaboration between Walt Disney Imagineering, Disneyland Resort, and Pixar (which made the original 2003 movie Finding Nemo as well as the popular sequel Finding Dory).

hank finding nemo submarine voyage

Michael Dobrzycki, an Art Director for Walt Disney Imagineering, poses with Hank the octopus (make that septopus). Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Hank was voiced by Ed O’Neill and served as a sarcastic foil to the friendly royal blue tang Dory’s bubbly personality (Dory was voiced by comedian Ellen DeGeneres). Hank helped Dory escape from the Marine Life Institute in exchange for her aquarium tag, due to his desire not to be released back into the open ocean. Eventually, a happy ending ensues for both characters and their friends — but Hank becomes known for his foul mood, and Walt Disney Imagineering was sure to reflect that while adding Hank to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage ride!


Dory, Marlin, Squirt, and Crush from ‘Finding Nemo’ Credit: Disney

Hank is seen posing on a rock, looking just as shockingly accurate and life-like as virtually everything created by Walt Disney Imagineers from Walt Disney Imagineering (not to mention the animators at Pixar Animation Studios who first made the characters of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory come to life onscreen).

hank finding nemo submarine voyage

Hank the octopus (aka septopus) from the 2016 Pixar movie Finding Dory. Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Hank is sporting a grouchy expression as usual, and Walt Disney Imagineering Art Director Michael Dobrzycki points out on the Disney Parks Blog that this expression on the ride is due to the seagulls nearby who are constantly uttering their famous call (“Mine! Mine! Mine!). Hank is most certainly annoyed by his neighbors!

Was Hank one of your favorite characters in Finding Dory? Are you excited to try the new version of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage once it reopens on July 25 in Disneyland?

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