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Happy 50th Anniversary, Walt Disney World: 50 Reflections on Why Disney Has My Heart (Part Two)

I’m so glad you’re back for “Part Two” of my 50 reflections on why Disney has my heart! I hope it’s bringing up some fond thoughts and memories for you, too!  Read on for the rest of my 50 personal reflections on why Disney means so much to me.

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26. Being surrounded by (mostly) happy Guests at the parks

I just love being around so many people who are smiling and having the most magical day ever.  It’s fun to chat with other adult Disney fans like yourself while you wait in line or on transportation.

27. It’s fun!

It’s almost too obvious to state, but I love Walt Disney World (and Disney in general) because being in the parks or enjoying Disney content is fun, plain and simple.

28. There’s always something new on the horizon

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Disney’s Art Rendering of Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster

Nostalgia is precious, but new offerings are part of why I love Disney, too.  I love that there’s always a new project on the Disney docket (even if it takes years to complete).  I can’t wait to ride the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, set to open in 2022.

29. It gives me something to look forward to

I’ve come to realize that so much of the fun of visiting a Disney park is in the preparation and anticipation.  Not everyone loves planning, but I sure do.  Having something to look forward to can be a really positive tool in daily life, and Disney provides that for me.

30. Loving Disney is a hobby in itself

Loving Disney really is a hobby.  You can take your love in so many directions, from talking to people about Disney, to having a Disney collection, to becoming a Travel Planner or blog writer, or being a film enthusiast.

31. Comfort and familiarity

You may have been asked, “You’re going to Disney…. Again?”   There’s just something comfortable about going to the place that you love, that you feel safe in, and that you know you’ll enjoy.

32. Creativity and imagination

I love Disney Innovation and the spirit of creativity that runs through everything Disney does.  And no matter what Disney does to Figment’s attraction, I still love that little guy and his imagination.
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33. Letting the your inner child out

Call me a “Disney Adult,”  but I’m so glad there’s a place where I can wear clothing with my favorite characters on them, princess-inspired accessories, Minnie ears, and a very bold 3 Caballeros backpack and not be judged.

34. There’s always a celebration
Disney Weddings

No matter where you look, there’s always someone celebrating.  From “Snacking Around the World (Showcase)” for my son’s 6th birthday, to people celebrating graduations and anniversaries, to brides and grooms, people are full of joy everywhere you look.  I always cry when I see people getting engaged there; I consider it a good luck omen.

35. Planning is addictive

Not only is looking forward to a trip to the Disney theme parks fun, but the actual logistics of planning is fun- for me, anyway.  I love reading reviews to decide what my next ADR (advanced dining reservation) will be.  I enjoy picking our park days, thinking about how we’ll tour the parks to get the most rides in, and imagining what snacks we’ll have along the way.

36. Strategic park touring is a bit exhilarating

I’m not sure if I should admit this, but the fact that there’s a bit of competition baked into park touring strategies gives me a bit of a thrill!  Being near the front of a rope drop crowd feeling a bit like getting an A+ or a gold star.

37. Star Wars

Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run

Photo Credit Disney

I am a Star Wars fan, but I’ll admit that I was skeptical about its place at Walt Disney World.  Fast forward to present day, and I can’t imagine a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios without taking a trip to Batuu, exploring the shops, and going on a coaxium run for Hondo Ohnaka.

38. There’s a huge community of Disney lovers

No matter where you go, you can probably find someone who loves Disney.  The internet is full of communities that exist for the sole purpose of planning and discussing all things Disney.

39. Abundant sweet treats and desserts

I know this list keeps coming back to food, but calories do not count in Disney.  This is because you basically burn them all off walking and sweating.  A few of the most popular spots to satisfy your sweet tooth are Gideon’s Bakehouse (Disney Springs), Aloha Isle (Magic Kingdom), and Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie (Epcot).
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40. I wished on the well, and my wish came true!

Photo Credit: Matthew Cooper (

Once upon a time, I made a wish on the well beside Cinderella’s Castle.  I like to think that the well had something to do with the birth of my little Disney-loving sidekick.

41. Comfort in having a “thing” that you love

Loving Disney can become part of your identity- one that is associated with happiness.  There’s so much Disney to explore, you’ll never be bored.  From books, to movies, to jigsaw puzzles, to travel- there are just so many ways to enjoy your passion.  Unlike a more obscure hobby or passion, it’s so easy to surround yourself with Disney.  Part of my love for Disney comes from how front-of-mind it is on a daily basis.  I like to keep it in the forefront by having Disney decor at home, helping people plan trips, and writing for Disney Fanatic!

42. It reminds us that you really can make your dreams come true (but not without challenges).

Walt Disney wanted to create a place that children and their parents could enjoy together, and he made it happen.  The journey from dream to reality was not without many challenges, and Walt Disney died before his second theme park dream (building Walt Disney World) could come true.

43. The resorts are awesome!

Art of Animation

Who would want to leave a Disney theme park to go back to the resort? Pretty much everyone who’s ever stayed on-site for their Disney vacation! ! All of the on-site resorts at Disney are pretty magical. Some resorts offer super convenient park access which makes it easy to hop back for a swim, like Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Grand Floridian, which flank either side of the Magic Kingdom. Disney’s Beach Club Resort is right outside Epcot’s World Showcase and has the best pool area, Stormalong Bay. The moderate resorts are also well-loved. Caribbean Beach Resort has several pools, including an awesome feature pool and a playground! Even the value resorts, like Art of Animation and the All-Star resorts, have themed pools and accommodations that will have any kid begging to go back for a swim or to “play in the room.”

44. Disney can pull you out of any bad mood

In tough moments, putting on a Disney song or burning a Disney candle can give you the moment you need to catch your breath and think of a happier time.  Especially in our uncertain times, Disney memories have brought a lot of comfort to many people.

45. I love how much my husband and son love it

I could love Disney all on my own, but I am fortunate to have married someone who also grew up going to the Walt Disney World Resort with his family.  Our vacations are a nearly sacred priority for us, and luckily our son was born with the Disney fan gene, too.  I love it one hundred times over because of how much we love it together as a family.

46. There’s something for everyone to enjoy

Credit: Disney

The parks are not just for thrill seekers, nor are they just for kids.  There’s truly something that anyone in your travel party can enjoy, even if they don’t like rides. Eating and shopping at Disney Springs, snacking through the Magic Kingdom, enjoying animal trails at Animal Kingdom and taking in the atmosphere at Disney’s Boardwalk are all activities that any Guest, young or old, can enjoy.

47. Disney makes the parks accessible to people of differing abilities

As someone who often works with children with differing abilities, it is important to me to know that Disney makes Guests comfortable.  Knowing that parents of children with Autism, ADHD, anxiety, and any other number of visible and invisible concerns, can have a magical experience with their children makes my heart happy and grateful.

48. The sensational smells

The Confectionary - Cast Member

So many things at Walt Disney World have distinct smells.  From resort lobbies to the Main Street Confectionary to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride- they all have specific scents that transport us back to the action the moment we smell them.  If you’re a fan of Disney scents, you might like Disney-inspired candles from Magic Candle Company and Walter and Rosie.

49. Photo opportunities

How often do we pause to take a picture of the whole family? Disney kind of forces us too, and when it’s time to make holiday cards, you may find it’s the only family pic you have that you’re actually in! It seems that every time I update my photo album, it’s because we took a vacation and I took advantage of Photopass.

50. Disney makes me believe in magic

Beacons of Magic Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle illuminates with a dazzling radiance and pixie-dust sparkle when it transforms into a Beacon of Magic at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, as part of the resorts 50th anniversary celebration. (David Roark, photographer)


There’s still something so special about being at Walt Disney World that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Not even the previous 49 points can fully explain it.  The only logical explanation is that it must be magic, plain and simple.  Thank you for the 50 years of magic, Walt Disney World!

When someone asks, “Why do you love Disney so much?” what is your answer?  We want to know what keeps you coming back to Disney parks and content year after year!  I hope you’re able to get down to Walt Disney World during the 50th Anniversary to create new, exciting memories!

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