Here’s How to Go to Bed Like a Disney Princess, According to Celebrities

Ariel is the little mermaid and Disney princess who is voiced by Disney Legend Jodi Benson! Credit:

While the ELLE Wake Up With series on Youtube (a series in which famous actors, actresses, singers, or other performers share their morning routines) has steadily grown in popularity — and provided Disney fans with plenty of inspirational content for waking up like a Disney princess in real life — the Harper’s Bazaar Go to Bed With Me Youtube series has become its in-demand counterpart with similar content adding to the beauty industry!

This Youtube series follows the same idea as the ELLE series (albeit without a part in the Ultimate Princess Celebration), with celebrities sharing how they wind down for the evening and prepare for bed. This series also includes lots of the celebrities’ skincare routines, and each new celebrity video seems to elicit controversial reaction videos from estheticians or Youtubers.

With the new year having officially begun and new year’s resolutions in full swing, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your skincare routine or your nighttime routine — and why not get some tips or advice from celebrities in the Harper’s Bazaar series?

Star Wars actress Emilia Clarke, Disney actress and singer Dove Cameron, Disney Channel actress Bella Thorne, Broadway icon Sutton FosterHigh School Musical alum Vanessa HudgensPercy Jackson actress Alexandra Daddario, Disney Channel star Brenda Song, and actress Nicole Kidman are just a few of the many public figures who have been featured in the series and who have shared their approaches to skincare and wellness.

Many of the celebrities in the Harper’s Bazaar series swear by double-cleansing when they start their skincare routine. Many of them also light candles or incense or spray some calming aromas, to help them mentally unwind. To double-cleanse, begin with an oil-based cleanser or cleansing balm. Then cleanse gently with a water-based cleanser afterward or try a cleansing milk. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, one or both of the products you’ve tried is too strong for your skin.


Sustainable Disney princess makeup-removing wipes. Credit: MakeUp Eraser

Although the results of these face tools can vary, many stars in the series use de-puffing tools or sculpting face tools such as jade rollers. The intention is to increase lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness. Chemical exfoliation, toners, retinol, and brightening skincare products with the skincare ingredient Vitamin C are also popular in the series. Flash hydration masks, clay masks, charcoal masks, or sheet masks are in-demand with these celebrities as well — but many of them also go to facialists regularly, which already gives their skin a boost! Most of the stars also remember to moisturize their lips constantly, especially before bed.

You might not be able to incorporate all of their products and lengthy skincare regimens into your nighttime routine before bed, but adding one or two new products might be all you need to feel more pampered during your self-care. If you need decor inspiration for your bathroom to make it feel more luxurious, take a look at this Disney actress’s particularly unique bathroom!

Vanessa Hudgen’s cave bathroom. Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Cute pajamas are also a must in the Go to Bed With Me series! Most of the celebrities are wearing silken pajamas and using silk pillows, which are better for your hair. A clean pillowcase is always crucial for clear skin. If you only have the time or budget to make your nighttime routine a little more like a Disney princess beauty routine instead of a long one, then there are plenty of easy ways to incorporate some of these rituals!


Credit: Hailee Steinfeld Instagram

For de-puffing, pour some water into an empty lipstick tube and freeze it. The result will be a free ice roller that you can roll all over your face, and it’s more sustainable than single-use eye masks. You can also gently massage your face with your hands, pressing out from the center of your face lightly towards your temples and then pressing down to your collarbone for lymphatic drainage.

For skincare, there are plenty of drugstore brands that have good-quality oil-based cleansers, water-based cleansers, retinol products, and Vitamin C products. There are also lots of compostable sheet masks instead of single-use ones! Now all you need to finish off that new nighttime routine is a calming candle, a silk pillowcase, and Prince Charming!



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