Is ‘Coco’ Coming to the Magic Kingdom?

Coco Thunder Mountain

What if there was more to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park?  There were a lot of thought-provoking “what-if” questions being posed by the Parks Panel at the D23 Expo today, particularly those that teased a very likely vision for a future expansion waiting just beyond the Big Thunder Mountain attraction in Frontierland.

Big Thunder Mountain

Credit: Disney

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Josh’D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, welcomed in the Disney Imagineering Team behind the major Fantasyland expansion several years ago to reveal to us some very compelling concept art depicting some tentative new lands—new “frontiers” so to speak—that we may be exploring at Magic Kingdom Park one day. In all, three new planned ventures were shared, which are hoping to delve further into the worlds of Coco, Encanto, and even Disney Villains.

Concept art

Credit: D23/Twitter

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The possibility of establishing a land inspired by Disney-Pixar’s Coco from 2017 in particular is a very befitting concept, geographically speaking, when you consider the limits of Frontierland. It’s the perfect place to recreate Miguel’s hometown of Santa Cecilia in Mexico. In fact, it couldn’t be more perfect!

The working story for recreating Santa Cecilia would focus on the idea that the village is preparing for a Dia de los Muertos celebration. While no specific attractions were directly stated, it was hinted that some of the spirit animals we got to see in the film may be offering rides, in some fashion or another. We can only speculate about what other surprises would be in store if they do in fact decide to go ahead with this plan. Would music be a part of it? Food? How would the Land of the Dead play into it? We know Disney would find a viable way!

Coco Family

Credit: Disney/Pixar

Disney-Pixar’s film Coco celebrated great success at the box office. And we have full confidence that this themed sector would flourish immensely. And the fact that another popular Disney film Encanto would be located in adjacent proximity only bolsters the potential that such a venture would have even further.

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We will continue to give you updates as more details for this possible Magic Kingdom expansion unfold.

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