Another Lawsuit: Dwayne Johnson Next on the List for $3.3 Billion

dwayne johnson lawsuit
Credit: Dwayne Johnson via Twitter

It seems like there’s been one lawsuit after another lately. From the lawsuit that former Marvel executive Victoria Alonso against Disney and the lawsuit that Disney filed against Dwayne Johnson to the lawsuit that’s been making headlines: the one that the Walt Disney World Resort filed against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Even actress Scarlett Johansson spoke out against her previous lawsuit.

Now, there’s another one to add to the list.

jungle-cruise-live-action emily blunt and dwayne johnson

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson in the live-action Jungle Cruise movie / Credit: Disney

Dwayne Johnson and Disney

This one involves WWE wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson has become a household name at Disney. He played the demi-god Maui in the 2016 animated film Moana and played the skipper in the live-action movie Disney’s Jungle Cruise. Some Disney Fanatics would also know that the actor was in the older Disney movies Race to Witch Mountain and The Game Plan. 

Johnson was rumored to be in the now reportedly-canceled Aladdin 2, and some fans even wanted the actor to run in the 2024 Presidential election.


Dwayne Johnson plays the demi-god Maui in Disney’s Moana / Credit: Disney

Trenesha Biggers Lawsuit

In the most recent news, it has now come to light that Johnson will be facing a lawsuit worth 3.3 billion from former wrestler Rhaka Khan (real name Trenesha Biggers).

Briggers has filed a lawsuit against a long list of defendants (including Johnson) like “The Miz,” Nikki Bella, Maryse, Heath Miller, and Mark Jindrak, and even the State of Texas, El Paso Child Protective Services, the FBI, the New Mexico Police Department, the New York Police Department, and more. (The list is long.)

As reported by PWInsider, “former TNA and WWE developmental star Trenesha ‘Rhaka Khan’ Biggers filed a lawsuit back in October 2022 before The U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, claiming a conspiracy against her.”

WWE star and wrestler turned actor, Dwayne Johnson

The lawsuit alleges that all of the defendants “conspired to kidnap the plaintiff and her children.” The case has returned to the news because court records show Biggers was authorized to proceed with the lawsuit in February.  Briggers is not out of hot water, considering there is a bench warrant out for her after she didn’t appear for a criminal trial in December 2022 in Texas. Briggers was to face charges of interference with child custody and “aggravated kidnapping facilitate.”

As of the publishing of this article, none of the defendants have been served, and Johnson has not yet made a statement in response to the lawsuit.

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