Looking For Comfy Indoor Activities? We’ve Got the Perfect Suggestions For Disney Fans

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As the days darken earlier and Rapunzel‘s favorite “summer breeze” becomes a bit less balmy, Disney fans are bound to start yearning for hibernation. After all, is there anything better than being comfy under thick blankets with a warm drink, reading an exciting book or enjoying the company of loved ones? We don’t think so, and neither do lots of Disney characters! One only needs to look at a veteran Disney character like Winnie the Pooh or the hygge night that Elsa and Anna share in Frozen 2 to see the value that’s placed on warm, cozy comforts in Disney stories. Read on to find out how to get some of your own Disney comforts as autumn continues and winter approaches!

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When it comes down to it, indoor activities really don’t have to be very complicated to be comfortable and fun. A simple game of charades, like the one that Elsa and Anna play in Frozen 2, can be a surprisingly hilarious undertaking for players of every age! If charades has you in a Frozen mood, the next things to do are watch Olaf Presents, have some more laughs, and then continue the ‘night in’ with a round of karaoke. Give the Elsa doll and microphone below a try for that!

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Whether you’re playing charades, singing, or simply cuddling, a toasty warm drink will be necessary throughout the night. Hot cocoa with marshmallows is definitely a safe bet (and would go particularly well with this marshmallow-themed mug), but a soothing tea like chamomile or a pumpkin spice drink would also be ideal!

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Another great option for Disney fans is a movie marathon! There’s few things more exciting than ‘scooching in’ together for a Disney movie marathon. Try favorites like the Mulan, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, or Pocahontas movies! Although it’s a standalone Disney film, Brave would also be a good option. There’s nothing like watching a Disney character make their way through a snow-swept wilderness to give you the warm fuzzies as you watch from your own snuggly blanket while wearing comfy clothes.

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And there you have it! Now you’re ready to hit the town–that is, stay in for the day (or night, or both) and remain warm and comfy within your blankets for as long as possible. Winnie the Pooh would be proud!


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