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Ah, autumn. The coziness of this particular season is not to be underestimated; it’s the perfect season for reading a fantasy adventure series, drinking warm cuddly drinks, snuggling under thick blankets, and taking walks outside to admire the foliage or the crisp breeze! There are plenty of Disney ways to embrace this colder season, and if you’re looking to embrace fall in some Disney princess ways specifically, then the brand-new Popflex Active collection (which is designed by Blogilates, the woman known for her Disney comics and Disney workouts) has just come out with something that would be perfect for you!

Battle of the Disney Outfits - Belle from

Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Credit:

Disney princesses like Belle and Aurora know a little something about the mystique of traveling (on horseback or otherwise) through woods while wearing capes or cloaks. The instant allure and appeal of seeing a caped figure is unmistakable, and it adds a dramatic sense of glamour to the Disney princesses’ woodland escapades! But for the average Disney Fanatic, finding a cape or cloak and making it suitable for everyday autumnal life can be tricky. If you’re trying to feel like an adventurous Disney Princess exploring “the great wide somewhere”, but are also trying to comply with Edna’s “no capes!” rule from The Incredibles, then Popflex Active’s brand-new Cloud Hoodie might be the perfect solution!

Credit: Popflex Active

These hoodies (which come in a variety of colors) are meant to provide you with the comfort and warmth necessary for autumnal explorations, but they’re designed with blousey sleeves and a deliberately oversized cape-style hood that will definitely make you feel like Belle approaching the Beast’s castle!

Credit: Popflex Active

Credit: Popflex Active

With pretty colors and that distinct fairy-tale shape to them, these Cloud Hoodies seem like a perfect style choice for any Disney Fanatics who long to incorporate some Disney princess beauty and Disney princess aesthetics into their activewear or their fall routines. So what are you waiting for? Pick the color that best suits your fairy tale and go out into a Disney adventure with this ‘cape’ or ‘cloak’ leading the way!

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