Mickey and Minnie Appear After Yet Another Costume Change

mickey and minnie in their disney100 costumes
Credit: Disney

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are typically associated with the red, black, and white color schemes from their classic costumes — and polka dots are also an additional Minnie Mouse specialty.

In recent years, however, Disney has been changing the two Disney mice costumes for special occasions more and more drastically (and as we saw from this recent Mulan snafu on Disney’s part, Disney characters’ costumes can be very controversial in the eyes of Disney Fanatics).

Now Minnie Mouse and her significant other, Mickey Mouse, are donning new costumes once again! According to journalist Scott Gustin, “Mickey and Minnie, sporting their #Disney100 platinum outfits, will greet guests at EPCOT later this year” as part of the Disney100 celebrations.

These silvery outfits are a far cry from the usual Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse outfits, particularly when it comes to the color scheme.

They are also very different from the characters’ more whimsical Walt Disney World Resort 50th anniversary celebration outfits, and from the duo’s relatively new TRON costumes that feature futuristic light-up technology.

The rodent couple’s new Disney100 outfits were teased at D23 last year, but they were not confirmed.

minnie mouse in her tron costume and tron ride in tomorrowland

One of the most dramatic outfit changes happened back in 2022 for one of these Disney mice, when Minnie Mouse was put into a new outfit from Stella McCartney that served as a jumpsuit in an effort to seem less traditionally feminine.

Since viewers thought that Minnie’s new jumpsuit looked more like pajamas, the point didn’t exactly land.

Minnie’s Old Hollywood look, which featured a flapper dress complete with flouncy pompoms, was another controversial Minnie Mouse outfit in recent months. Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse are some of Disney’s most iconic characters, of course, so extra scrutiny is added whenever the duo undergoes any kind of significant change!

Disney100 Anniversary Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Mickey and Minnie will reportedly be posing in these new Disney100 “platinum” outfits in EPCOT soon! Are you headed to Disney World at some point in 2023?

Do you like when Disney alters characters’ costumes for events, or find it to be disconcerting and unnecessary?

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