Minnie Mouse Receives Surprising New ‘TRON’ Outfit

minnie mouse in her tron costume and tron ride in tomorrowland

Even though beloved characters like Minnie Mouse and her significant other Mickey Mouse are known for their distinctive Disney costumes (with the usual fare for Mickey and Minnie Mouse being costumes that include red, white, and black colors), Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse have still gone through several wardrobe changes over the years.

Just last year, we saw Minnie Mouse have at least one controversial wardrobe change and style makeover in the form of a widely-disliked Stella McCartney jumpsuit that reminded onlookers of pajamas more than formalwear. We also saw Minnie Mouse in new outfits for both Disney Cruise Line and the Walt Disney World Resort 50th anniversary celebrations — but now, Minnie has donned a particularly unique new look!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Magic Kingdom

Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World, in their 50th-anniversary outfits. Courtesy of Disney

In honor of the brand-new Tomorrowland roller coaster in the Magic Kingdom called TRON: Lightcycle / Run, Minnie Mouse has just started sporting a special new TRON outfit. This new outfit was spotted on Minnie — as well as on Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck — in the footage from the Tweet shown below!

Changes to Minnie Mouse costumes are often hot topics among Disney Fanatics, with some Minnie Mouse fans or Disney fans loving the new looks and others hating them. So far, this new TRON costume seems to be a hit with fans!


One Twitter user called the new outfit “so cool looking”, and another expressed a desire to buy their own version of the outfit.

Mickey Mouse can be seen in the video shown below wearing a black suit with neon accents that perfectly complements Minnie’s new dress, and we can also see Donald Duck (or as one fan called him, “Tronald duck”) wearing something equally futuristic!

Changes Coming To Tomorrowland Before Tron

Tron Identity Program Credit: Disney

Disney World has really been committing to the new TRON ride’s aesthetic, with a futuristic new food kiosk on the way and plenty of other offerings coming down the line (possibly at the expense of a popular Disney character who used to inhabit Tomorrowland, as it happens).

Are you excited to see TRON style taking over in Tomorrowland?

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