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One and Done: Disney Experiences You Need Only Ever Try Once

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There are so many magical experiences to behold while visiting Walt Disney World Resort. But not all experiences hold the same amount of magic for all people. It is true that we are often times shaped by our own personal desires and interests, as well as those previous past mishaps, inconveniences, and struggles we have since learned from. And the scene at Disney World is no different in providing us with several examples of must-dos we have come to decide we must never do again. Sometimes once is enough! Here are eight examples of Disney experiences you need only ever try one time.

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8. Getting a Haircut at Harmony Barber Shop

Getting your hair cut at the iconic Harmony Barber Shop of Main Street, U.S.A., famous in Magic Kingdom Park, is an awesome experience. And for many youngsters visiting Disney World for the first time, it is the preferred place for parents to take their children for that milestone first-ever haircut. Of course, many older folks like to come here for a nice trimming also. Yet despite being such a magical moment, this really isn’t an experience that’s meant to become a must-do tradition reserved for every single Disney World visit going forward. Part of its pleasantness rests in its novelty. So, my advice to you would be to go ahead and do it once so you can say you did it, but don’t make a habit out of it.

Harmony Barbershop

Credit: Disney

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7. Taking a Spa Day

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from enjoying one of the several first-class spa offerings you can take at one of many Disney World Resort hotels. From the Grand Floridian’s namesake spa to Zahanati at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, let’s not forget about Mandara Spa at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel. There are so many options and uniquely diverse packages to choose from. But as someone who isn’t really a spa person, I have to be honest in my opinion that spending too much time at a spa while on vacation at Walt Disney World Resort is a total waste of time. Sure, some people really enjoy their spa time, and that’s great. But when you consider the fact that you are in the heart of Theme Park Heaven, why would you want to invest so much time (and money) in doing something you could easily do at a vacation Resort where the options are a little more limited? If you want to have a Disney Spa Day, I’d suggest choosing one of the aforementioned locations as a one-time deal, opting for the basics for a manageable duration that doesn’t eat up an entire day.

 Disney Spa

Credit: Disney/Kent Phillips, photographer

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6. Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf

Miniature golf can make for an awesome experience as a family, especially if you are staying at an EPCOT Area Resort and you’re looking for some extras to do on one of the designated “Resort days” during your Disney trip. In that case, you really ought to head on over to the conveniently located Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf, which features two 18-hole golf courses and many magical memories waiting to be made. But let’s be realistic on just how much time you can really spend mini-golfing. Your time in this pursuit isn’t likely to last for too long. Then it will be an experience that once you’ve tried, you’ll be satisfied enough to go along on your way and probably won’t be making any major plans for returning to do again anytime soon.

Fantasia Gardens

Credit: Disney

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5. Going to the Movies

Sure, Disney Resorts are known for their Movies Under the Stars nightly events, but Disney Springs happens to be home to the only official operating movie theater in the greater Disney World Area. We are, of course, referring to their acclaimed AMC DINE-IN Disney Springs 24. As the name suggests, it is one of AMC Theatre’s several existing dine-while-you-watch movie theater options. Because the AMC Theatre movie-with-dinner concept is not exclusive to this location alone, there really isn’t too much to be said about its uniqueness. Besides, Disney World is such an awesome, epic adventure as it is. Who really wants to waste time watching action and adventure when you can be living it? I’d say it’s great on a rainy day or even if you plan to make a full day out of visiting Disney Springs. Otherwise, it’s a complete waste of time.

AMC Disney Springs

Credit: Disney

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4. An Aerophile Ascent

Here’s a Disney Springs experience that is admittedly far more of a novelty than going to the movies. It’s an aerial ascent high in the sky (400 feet) via a tethered hot-air balloon for eight breathtaking minutes. And it certainly is a unique undertaking, especially for those without fear of heights and who enjoy viewing stunning scenes stretching as far as 10 miles out. But it really is one of those once you’ve done it, you’ve done it experiences. Not much would really change after doing it one time around, and that is the truth.


Credit: Disney

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3. Joining the Virtual Queue at Gideon’s Bakehouse

Cookie lovers at Disney Springs have undoubtedly heard all about Gideon’s Bakehouse by now, along with their myriad mouthwatering array of cookie enticements. Understandably, you would want to come out and experience such scrumptiousness for yourself. But be warned that you’re likely looking at a lengthy wait before you even sink your teeth into such samplings. In fact, more times than not, you will have to join a virtual queue that can sometimes extend beyond three hours or more! And while you do not have to stand in an actual line all that time, it’s still a pretty long time to have to wait. Remind me again if waiting hours for cookies is ever really worth it. Yes, I know Gideon’s has a reputation for greatness, but this isn’t something I can see my family investing so much time in. Maybe just once, just to say you did it, but never more than that!

Gideon's Queue Sign

Credit: Theme Park Professor

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2. Taking Kiddos to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

If you have kiddos in your party, you may conclude that fulfilling their ultimate fairytale fantasy of being transformed into a Princess or a Knight is an absolute must-do. And we would agree that it is something that every child who wants such an experience should get at least once in their life. And truth be told, once is all they will ever need, given the extensive magic involved…not to mention the money of an all-inclusive package.

Bibbidi Bob Boutique

Credit: Disney

While the full-fledged Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience with makeover and wardrobe included is a one-and-done sort of experience, we have some time and money-saving tips for any future dress-up endeavors that can be far more low-key yet just as magical. Parents, consider buying your child’s costume independently. You may also visit one of the Resort salons for hair and makeup.


Credit: Disney

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1. Buying Glass Collectibles

If you’ve ever visited one of Disney’s pricier shops full of precious glassware and collectibles, then you know just how high some of the high-end goods can go for. So, if you see something you absolutely must have, even if it goes for a steep sum, you may want to keep in mind the journey back home from visiting Walt Disney World. Of course, this varies among Guests, but from my own personal experience buying glass at Disney World really doesn’t work out so well. First, you risk such purchases getting broken in transit if you decide not to have them shipped. But even if you have them shipped, there’s still that anxiety of wondering how they’re doing on the way back. I’ve gotten what I wanted in the past and remember the tension tied to worrying about them. So, from my experiences, I think I’m never buying glass at Disney World…sorry Arribas Brothers…

Glass Coach at Arribas Brothers

Credit: Arribas

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Every Guest has their own personal reasons for why they may only ever do something once when on a Walt Disney World vacation. Likewise, there are undoubtedly several fans who may not agree that my picks are solely one-time experiences. Everybody needs to keep their minds open and decide for themselves which experiences are worth the encore and which ones you need only ever do once.

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