Passengers Cause Shocking Malfunction On Disney World Ride


It will be no surprise to Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or non-Disney theme park Guests to learn that theme parks can get a bit crowded. Long wait times — sometimes hours long — have unfortunately become the norm in many theme parks, and particularly in Disney Parks.

During the holidays at Walt Disney World Resort, the issue of capacity only gets bigger as the crowds increase in size — and during the 2022 holiday season, the theme parks’ overcrowded state apparently reached such a point that the large population actually caused some rides to struggle in the literal sense!


Credit: Disney

One Disney World Guest recently revealed footage on TikTok of the classic Disney and Magic Kingdom ride called “it’s a small world.” In the TikTok video from @todisney_andbeyond, we can see that the “it’s a small world” boat literally can’t move with the amount of weight that it is carrying in the form of passengers.

Cast Members can be seen trying to rearrange passengers and shift the weight, but to no avail.


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♬ It’s A Small World – Little Apple Band

Have you ever been on a Walt Disney World Resort ride and found that your ride literally can’t move ahead because you and the other Disney Guests are too heavy?

We have seen some Disney Parks close their gates — sometimes several days in a row — due to being overcrowded in 2022. However, seeing rides actually fail to function due to being weighed down by the excessive amount of Guests is particularly strange to see!

Disney World Crowded

Credit: Yesterland

Disney rides have been malfunctioning and suffering from breakdowns at a “ridiculous” level of frequency lately — so much so that Disney Guests almost expect their favorite rides to be closed or broken when they go on their Disney World vacations — and part of those malfunctions might be due to the reported staffing shortage that Disney World is dealing with in the maintenance and mechanics departments.

Regardless of the reason for other malfunctions, this ride’s malfunction is certainly what the original poster called a “big nightmare” for a “small world”!

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