Petition Grows to Stop Disney Show About Pregnant Teen Who Falls for the Devil

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Petitions have surfaced online that are working to stop Disney from making its upcoming Pauline… a German show about a pregnant teen who falls for the devil.

The Walt Disney Company has historically been known for its family-friendly entertainment; the Disney brand has been built around this. However, recently, some new movies and shows associated with Disney are a little further away from the usual Disney vibe.

Disney and Freeform released a new show called Praise Petey on Hulu in July 2023, which features ritualistic killing and a blood-drinking cult. They are also working on another movie that has made waves in the community – enough that petitions have surfaced to stop the film from happening.

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Praise Petey / Credit: Freeform

Is Disney Coming Out with a New Movie Called Pauline?

The short answer is yes. In April 2023, Disney announced a new German-language show, Pauline, which follows the story of a young teenager who has a one-night stand with a boy named Lukas and gets pregnant with his child. Spoiler alert: her one-night stand, Lukas, turns out to be the devil himself.

The creators of the show were incredibly excited that the show was green-lit. They shared,

“For a long time, the series has been and still remains a project very close to our hearts,” said [Philipp] Käßbohrer and  [Matthais] SiraMurmann [executive producers].

“We’re thrilled that Disney+ loves this coming-of-age story as much as we do and that we’ve now been able to begin filming with such an amazing cast and crew.”

Arabella Bartsch, Alma Buddecke, and Facundo Scalerandi are the directors of the movie, and Sebastian Colley penned the script.

Pauline crew Disney+

The crew of Pauline / Credit: Disney

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The Community Speaks Out Against the Movie

Ever since Disney’s announcement of Pauline, while some have been excited about the show, many have expressed their discontent that Disney and Hollywood are promoting shows that are “making light of true evil.” A New York pastor condemned and slammed the show for this reason.

In addition, in June 2023, the chairman and founder of Movieguide, Ted Baehr, started a petition urging parents to stop Disney from making the movie. He shared in a letter,

Pauline will be hosted on Disney+, a platform aimed at children and teenagers. If released, there will be millions of young viewers who may perceive this twisted and disturbing story as desirable and exciting. The show’s attempt to normalize and even promote demonic association is a blatant attempt to blur the lines of morality and make evil desirable. 

Pauline Petition

Credit: MovieGuide

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As of the publishing of this article, 16,609 people have signed the petition urging Disney to stop the “Pauline movement.” Disney has not officially responded to these petitions or criticisms.

Is Pauline Still Happening?

Disney has gone quiet without further details or an anticipated release date for the Disney+ Pauline original series.

Reports still note that Pauline will star Sira-Anna Faal, Ludger Bökelmann, and Lukas von Horbatschewsky.

The Walt Disney Company and Its Past Controversies

This upcoming movie isn’t the only controversy that Disney has been involved in recently.

For a while now, Disney has been accused of becoming more “woke,” for example, with its release of films such as The Little Mermaid (2023) and the Disney Channel animated series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (starring big names like Fred Tatasciore and Alfre Woodard).

Disneyland Castle

Credit: Nicholas Fuentes, Unsplash

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Additionally, Disney is replacing the former Disney Park ride, Splash Mountain, to remove the Song of the South (1946) theme. The replacement will be Tiana’s Bayou Adventure featuring The Princess and the Frog (2009) film.

As always, we will keep Disney Fanatic readers updated as we learn more about what’s to come of Pauline.

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  1. Don’t release the movie

  2. The theme of this movie is not morally and favorably acceptable by the majority of its viewing audience. My family and I would reject it on all levels.

  3. I think this is the most evil thing some one can make esp disney things this is why our country has the problems we have. I will discontinue my Disney channel. Wow what happened to respect and letting kids be kids. They better think twice. GOD is still in control

  4. I don’t want anything to do with a movie like this. Why would Disney or anyone else want to make a movie about the devil fathering a child with a young girl. Maybe because the devil trys to copy God in a perverted way. The Holy Spirit gave a young woman a baby, who was immaculately conceived. She was a virgin and that baby was God’s Son and Savior from our sins, Jesus Christ.

  5. This is a abomination we need to draw the line against this kind of evil l will never go to Disney again ,what’s happen to you Disney? You used to care about values

  6. Satan often mocks and copies God like when God sent us His son Jesus Christ to be born of the virgin Mary. This girl supposedly falls in love with the devil, the devil Satan does not love, he does not know how to love, so many people confuse lust with love these days. This is evil, evil perversion of the anti Christ being born, the anti Christ will not be an innocent baby or child. demonic lovers and children is from mythology, folk tales, horror movies etc. This is lust and perverson. Nothing good can come from Satan, he is evil though and through. No good can come from evil.

  7. This is way different than the skin color of a Disney princess being portrayed! Disney you can’t say you are family oriented and promote entities (you are declaring that you have a degree of belief) that seek to degrade the moral fabric and destroy mankind on a grand scale. Can you?

  8. Disney has slowly been declining but this is straight off the cliff. Most people know me as a huge Disney fan and full of Disney knowledge. In fact, my mini Cooper has Mickey and Minnie on it!!! But this movie is… I can’t even think of a word other than EVIL and SATANIC!!!
    I will boycott all things Disney if this comes out. I will even sell my car.
    I will also make it known why I’m doing it.
    Disney, this is NOT ok! The Walt and Roy Disney families would be disgusted to have their name attached to something like this.

  9. Done with Disney I Pray for them

  10. This is pure evil!! The fact that Disney is even willing to entertain the idea of this movie, let alone green-light it for production, just shows us that the people running Disney don’t care about families anymore! Walt would never have let this happen! You would think that any smart person would look at their track record of what has been released lately and notice that they haven’t put anything out that the majority of families will watch! Disney was supposed to be a company that families felt safe watching. Parents didn’t have to worry about whether their kids were going to be exposed to an agenda or something purely evil like the Devil!! Disney started out as safe, fun for the whole family, entertainment!! That was it, pure entertainment. I say if Disney wants to cause even more problems for themselves, let them! However, if there is one executive who has at least one ounce of a brain will stand up and say, “This isn’t right! What are we thinking? We are promoting Satan as being glorified and teen pregnancy and one night stands for teenagers are ok!?”


  12. Walt would never approve of this type of movie! This is disgustingly evil when Disney is supposed to be fun for our family and safe for our children and grandchildren. We need you to go back to Walt’s love of true clean children’s entertainment. I personally will not be encouraging any of my family and friends to visit the theme parks or movie! What a sad day this is!!

  13. Have you sold out to satan ???? I nor my grandkids will be watching any Disney movies if this comes out

  14. Quo vadis Disney? Many viewers will discontinue watching Disney simply because your once upheld morals are going to the drain. You will do irreparable harm to many a young person apart with playing with fire. Those responsible of letting Pauline air would have no peace as they would have associated themselves with the evil spirit which you are taking lightly but is so very real. Satan will possess you! DO NOT SHOW PAULINE PLEASE.

  15. If they put this evil movie out we are done with all things Disney owns an represented. I can’t see the Walt Disney family agreeing to the loose mortality Disney has become.

  16. This world is so evil. Letting our children see such demonic movies and television will shape them for the wrongs of the world. Let their little eyes only see what’s food for the soul in loving ways. Disney should be ashamed for making such filth for these children. Our children are the future and we need to shape them with their best interest at hand not demonstrate evil.

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