‘Pinocchio’ Remake’s Trailer Is Released

pinocchio tom hanks

The first trailer for Pinocchio is finally here! Disney fans have only seen glimpses of Tom Hanks in his role as the classic character Geppetto up until now, but the teaser trailer was just shared on Good Morning America. Good Morning America is a morning show that often collaborates with Disney when it comes to news or new releases, since Good Morning America is an ABC show and Disney owns ABC.

The trailer features plenty of the classic Pinocchio characters that we know and will instantly recognize, including Geppetto (the father, puppeteer, and creator of the wooden puppet Pinocchio that becomes a real boy), Jiminy Cricket, and the Blue Fairy.

Tom Hanks Gepetto

Tom Hanks plays Geppetto in Pinocchio. Credit: Disney

Other actors in the cast include Beauty and the Beast actor Luke Evans, Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr., and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jiminy Cricket. A brief clip from the trailer was shown recently, as well, to give Disney fans an idea of what to expect.

geppetto tom hanks pinocchio

Tom Hanks as Geppetto in Pinocchio. Here he is shown speaking to Pinocchio (played by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth), the wooden puppet who becomes a real boy. Credit: Disney+

The Haunting of Bly Manor actor Benjamin Evan Ainsworth is playing Pinocchio himself in the live-action remake of the 1940 animated Disney movie, and the singer Cynthia Erivo is playing The Blue Fairy.

Whether or not fans respond well to this new trailer remains to be seen, but Tom Hanks is a notoriously-likable actor whose likeability often goes a long way towards making his movies successful. Tom Hanks played Walt Disney himself in the movie Saving Mr. Banks back in 2013.

Tom Hanks is also appearing shortly as Colonel Tom Parker, the unscrupulous manager of rock and roll singer Elvis Presley (who is played by a recognizable Disney Channel alum).

Jiminy Cricket,. Pinocchio

Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio Credit: Disney

Pinocchio was directed by Robert Zemeckis, and come to Disney+ on September 8 2022! You can see the new teaser trailer below. Are you excited to see Saving Mr. Banks actor Tom Hanks in a new Disney role?


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