‘Pretty Privilege’? Some Fans Say Josh D’Amaro Getting Off Too Easy

Bob Chapek Fan Hate

Ever since Disney Parks dropped the latest round of price increases at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, an onslaught of digital wrath has been directed toward CEO Bob Chapek. But what about the Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products, Josh D’Amaro? After all, D’Amaro is the one who is directly in charge of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Doesn’t he have some agency in these decisions? If so, why isn’t there more criticism directed at him?

Well, at least one fan noticed this and gave his own theory on the situation, commenting,

“Josh D’Amaro is the luckiest executive alive. He’s the literal chairman of Disney Parks. He has to be the one making the calls on Genie+’s wild new pricing systems, the reservations, the confusion, the gouging. But because he’s Zaddy McSkinnyJeans, Bob Chapek gets all the hate…”

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It is easy to see how a case could be made for popularity being the deciding factor. After all, it was Josh D’Amaro who was seen in the Parks just before the shutdowns and putting on a pretty face as the Cast Members’ executive. Several comments affirmed that it is not difficult to see that he has a swagger advantage over the bald, bulldog-like CEO.

One person replied, saying,

“D’Amaro is charming, personable, and charismatic. When he walks on stage, I know the audience is in good hands. Chapek has the personality of a potato, and that’s why the difference is so striking. If Chapek wasn’t such a dolt, D’Amaro wouldn’t be as beloved.”

On the other hand, several people also defended D’Amaro. They lowered the level of his perceived agency and argued that, at the end of the day, the buck stops with Bob. But others also commented to remind everyone that Chapek has been the recipient of Disney Fan Hate since before he was CEO and had D’Amaro’s former position.

Another fan commented,

“I didn’t like Bob Iger either, but he was similar to D’Amaro in that he was a golden child that everyone likes to deflect blame from. Iger wasn’t much better than Chapek, they’re two sides of the same coin (one side is just maybe slightly shinier than the other).”

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But Bob Chapek’s legacy as CEO was never meant to be measured by the amount of adoring Disney Fanatics he acquired. He will be remembered for how he was able to take the helm and guide The Walt Disney Company through an unprecedented global pandemic and emerge still in one piece that still had room for growth. He is not supposed to be liked. As long as he and his leadership team find a way to keep The Walt Disney Company together with its head above water, that is all that matters.

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