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If you’re a fan of the legendary Lightning McQueen from the Cars film franchise, and the Walt Disney World Resort’s Hollywood Studios theme park show called Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, then you’re in luck! The car-focused theme park show and Disney experience (which has been mysteriously closed indefinitely for the past week) has just reopened earlier today!

According to journalist Scott Gustin, “Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has apparently reopened and currently has a posted wait of 15 minutes. The show had been closed since Dec. 29. It appears the show reopened around 1 p.m. ET.”

Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen in the Hollywood Studios theme park Racing Academy show at Walt Disney World Resort. Credit: Disney

When Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy closed on December 28, it was an abrupt closure that had not been previously announced and was not explained to Guests.

Disney World Resort Guests and Disney Park visitors who wanted to head to Hollywood Studios to enjoy the “high-octane, first-of-its-kind show” that would “put [Guests] in the middle of the Disney and Pixar Cars universe” were left disappointed as the experience remained closed for over a week.

Now that this Cars show is back — and has a particularly short wait time, considering how long the wait times for some Disney rides (like Splash Mountain) have been lately — now is the time to head to Hollywood Studios and head back in for some “high-octane” fun with legendary Lightning McQueen and his friends!

Are you a Cars fan who is in Walt Disney World Resort and the Disney Parks this week? Will you be heading back for this show while it’s back — and what do you think caused the weeklong unexplained closure of the attraction?

Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen

We have seen many Disney rides break down in recent months — so much so that on one day recently, almost every ride in one Disney Park was closed — which may partly be due to the reported staffing shortage that Disney World is dealing with in the maintenance and mechanics department.

We may never know exactly why this Racing Academy was closed for business for more than seven days, but Disney fans will most likely just be pleased to hear about its return!

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