Guest Reportedly Witnesses Attempted Child Kidnapping in Disney Park

Reddit Disneyland Attempted Kidnapping
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One of the great things about traveling to a Disney park for your family vacation is the feeling of safety you get while there. Disney security and cast members work incredibly hard to make sure that each guest not only feels safe, but is safe. Guests visiting the parks are not allowed to bring in certain items, and each bag must be inspected before they are allowed to enter. Guests are also prohibited from dangerous activities while in the park and can be escorted out if they disregard those rules.

What does Disney do with your fingerprints?

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Sadly, it looks like one guest’s sense of safety was recently shattered while visiting The Happiest Place on Earth.

Many guests love to go onto the social media platform Reddit to share stories about their time in the parks. Many share exciting moments they experienced, great meals that they ate, and fun Disney characters they interacted with. However, there are also some who had a terrible or scary experience, and they are looking to see if they are alone or how other guests feel.

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Redditor u/bayls215 went onto the platform to ask about the worst experience guests had seen in the parks. And one answer was particularly scary.

Fellow Redditor u/dearbornx commented that they had allegedly seen an attempted kidnapping in the park after two guests got into a disagreement.

Saw two grown men chase a woman and try to yank her stroller out of her hands (with child still in it) because she accidentally bumped into their family member when they were blocking a covered walkway because they were afraid of getting wet in the rain. Your entire rude family refused to move out of a WALKWAY and then got pissed because she didn’t have enough room to move around you. So your solution is to try and kidnap her child????? I have no idea what they were trying to accomplish there because they were well aware there was a child in the stroller (it was an umbrella stroller, so no blocked sight).

What’s the worst behavior you saw in the parks?
byu/bayls215 inDisneyland

The Redditor found the alleged incident particularly disturbing because the unknown guests knew that there was a child in the stroller, but that didn’t stop them from putting their hands on the stroller.

Problematic Guests Are Nothing New

Unfortunately, misbehaving guests are nothing new at Disney parks. In fact, since the parks reopened after their COVID-19 closures, guest behavior seems to be worse than ever. And not just at Disneyland.

Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Resort

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Disney Fanatic has reported on multiple fights that have broken out at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. One fight between two parties was so bad that cast members were left cleaning blood off of the pavement at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. That’s right. Punches and kicks were thrown, and things got so intense that at least one guest was left bloodied.

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Credit: Gracey’s Bro TikTok

There have also been multiple fights that have broken out between guests waiting in line. Oftentimes, the reported fights have broken out because one party claims that the other party was trying to line jump or just cut the line. Those types of fights have broken out in the queue for Toy Story Mania, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and more.

Toy Story Mania _ Toy Story Land

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One fight even made the national news. Two families got into an all-out brawl in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland Resort. Multiple arrests were made, lifetime bans were issued, and some were even sentenced to jail time. What really disgusted people was the fact that a toddler was seen watching as his family members were throwing punches and attacking people.

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