REVIEW: ‘The Quest’ Is a Surprising New Fantasy Adventure

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If you love interactive Disneybounding, reality TV, and a good old-fashioned fantasy quest, then you should give the brand-new Disney+ fantasy series a try! The Quest just premiered on Disney+ on May 11, and this new eight-episode series includes an oddly-compelling combination of reality TV and Onward-style adventure.

In the TV show, eight normal teenagers are chosen to participate in a reality TV competition. The teenagers chosen are real hard-core fantasy fans, and they are ‘transported’ to the fictional kingdom of Everrealm in order to play the role of Paladins and help save the kingdom.

The eight teenagers must participate in a series of challenges that include physical endurance and puzzle-solving, as well as teamwork. They must also face off against many intimidating villains in each episode of the TV show, while preparing to face off against the ultimate villain Tavora in the final episodes.

tavora quest

Villainess Tavora (played by Mel Mehrabian) in ‘The Quest’, a new Disney+ original series which is a reality show from the producers of ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘The Amazing Race’, and ‘Queer Eye’. Credit:

As with many medieval shows, The Quest is filled with fantasy tropes. However, because The Quest is specifically made for ardent fantasy fans and adventure fans who want to see those same tropes, the show comes across as charming in its predictability instead of being silly.

Some parts of the show are obviously staged, which reminds audiences that they’re watching reality TV once in a while, but as a whole, the show actually feels more like a regular fantasy series. The actors who play the Everrealm characters and who have scripts to follow do a superb job in their roles, but they also excel when it comes to improvisation — which is a necessity as the teenagers competing on the show start to openly challenge the storyline.

disney quest

The cast of the new Disney show ‘The Quest’, which is a reality show from the producers of ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘The Amazing Race’, and ‘Queer Eye’. The characters shown here are Racquel Jean-Louis as Princess Adaline, Braeden De La Garza as Prince Emmett, Kerwin Thompson as King Silas, Emily Gateley as Mila, and Harry Aspinwall as Dravus. Credit:

Overall, The Quest is a show that could provide a lot of easy entertainment for the whole family. It’s got adventure, mild romance, high-quality acting, real teenage drama, and enough fantastical plot twists to satisfy viewers who are easily bored! There are also some fairly scary villains in the mix, and a widely-varied cast when it comes to personalities.

This Disney+ series would also be a fun choice for anyone who loves Dungeons and Dragons, LARPing (the medieval version of Disneybounding), or the Disney Magic Quests that occur within the Disney Parks.

Another Disney Magic Quest with some Disney Channel actors is coming up this summer, too — but first, are you going to give this new Disney+ show a try?

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