Signature Coffee Concoctions You Simply Must Try At Disney Parks

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For the coffee-loving Disney fanatic who happens to be out and about Walt Disney World Resort, there are myriad locations throughout Disney’s numerous resort hotels, theme parks, and other venues known for serving up that tantalizing, mood-lifting, distinctive, aromatic brew we just can’t resist.

And while enjoying conventional, freshly brewed coffee in its most classic format is already perfection in a cup, Disney has made the experience even more magical through their careful cultivation in crafting some very creative coffee cocktails and other bountiful beverages you’ve just got to try. The options are vast and varied with premier coffee fusions forever in the works. So while it would be impossible to list them all, here are some top-rated fan favorite signature coffee concoctions for you to rejoice with at Disney’s four theme parks.

7. Notable Nomad Lounge Suggestions

 If you’re wandering about Disney’s Animal Kingdom park in true nomadic fashion, and you can’t decide whether you’d like to refuel on that famed caffeinated mainstay or unwind with something a little more spirited then consider heading on over to Nomad Lounge & Cocktail Bar. They’ve got you covered with a couple of suggestions that incorporate both, so you don’t have to make any difficult decisions.

  • Night Monkey-This satisfying signature blends coffee simply syrup with Plantation Original Dark Rum, guava puree, lime juice, and just a hint of cilantro.
  • Happy Macaque-As the non-alcoholic version of the Night Monkey this smiling signature omits the rum but still maintains all the aforementioned ingredients, most notably that coffee simple syrup, which gives the drinker such happiness.
  • Mustang Coffee-A true “hot” ticket blend that gets plenty of praise from faithful fans, this cunning cup of coffee, served up hot, combines brown sugar, butter and Crown Royal Whiskey, making for the ultimate confection of sorts.

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6. Creative Coral Reef Restaurant Concoctions

This deep-diving dining hub in EPCOT may be more notable for its food, but coffee enthused diners looking for a unique twist to the typical dessert and coffee pairing should take note of these specialty coffees on the menu.

  • Nutty Fisherman-An upgrade to the usual cup of coffee, this nutty indulgence makes waves with two additional incorporations—Frangelico Liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur.
  • Irish Cream-Before you think this is redundant of the first, you should note that this novelty comes with the works—Jameson Irish Whiskey, finely blended into a hot coffee compilation, and garnished on top by a dollop of whipped cream.
  • Spanish Coffee-This romantic blend fuses together Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur with E&J Brandy for a stunning and flavorful pairing.
Coral Reef Restaurant

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5. The Café Glacé 

What do you do when you’re torn between a craving for ice cream and a need for something coffee-like to give you that buzz? Just head over to L’Artisan des Glaces in EPCOT’s France Pavilion and order their Café Glacé. This iced Cappuccino collaboration reigns supreme, blending together one scoop of ice cream and then is presented by a crown of whipped cream piled on top.

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4. Viking Coffee

As perhaps one of most raved about beverages at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion, this ruggedly spirited coffee fixing can be served up two ways—hot or frozen. The first presentation comes as a cultivated hot blend of both Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur and Kamora Coffee Liqueur. It’s frostier counterpart still fuses the same liqueurs but adds the additional toppings of coffee-chocolate sauce and coffee-chocolate crunch.

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3. Tipsy Ducks in Love

Maybe you’re one of those combination coffee/tea drinkers. Also, do you like a little whiskey and chocolate now and again? Well then you’re in luck because birds of a feather flock together at the Joy of Tea kiosk over in EPCOT’s China Pavilion. Just order their signature Tipsy Ducks in Love blend and you’ll be enjoying a well-balanced coffee combination of black tea, bourbon whiskey, chocolate syrup, and creamy perfection.

Joy of Tea
Photo Credit: Disney

2. African Coffee

For this next specialty we revisit Disney’s Animal Kingdom and head straight for Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery. Known for plenty of palatable bakery delights, they’re also renowned for serving up numerous spirited enticements. And for that perfect confectionary pairing of a café-like spirited combo you really should try their African Coffee blend—a fusion of coffee and Amarula Cream Liqueur.

Kusafiri Coffee Shop
Photo Credit: Disney

1. Mission to S’mores

Any coffee drinker who has ever visited Walt Disney World Resort knows that Joffrey’s Coffee is their official specialty brand. So, it goes without saying that Joffrey’s Coffee kiosks can be found at numerous locations throughout Disney Parks. What’s more, the brand itself is proudly served up at quick service and table service venues alike. Though it’s the good old-fashioned classic offering of the Joffrey’s brand that is most abundant at Disney, there are some locations that brew up varying flavors, blends, and even add their very own specialty tweaks. This is certainly the case at Joffrey’s Revive with their “Mission to S’mores.”

This Joffrey’s kiosk located in Magic Kingdom park’s Tomorrowland boasts an exclusive latte that’s just out of this world. Aside from a creative name play on the “Mission to Mars” theme, the delightful scrumptiousness of this s’mores-inspired drink is sure to blast your taste buds to new heights. Served hot or cold, the rich and mild balance of strong coffee and decadent notes taken from the sweetness of graham cracker crumbles, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream all work well in making this a highly in-demand signature menu feature.

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Credit: Joffrey’s

While Joffrey’s is the primary brand of coffee you will find being offered here, there are several locations all throughout Walt Disney World Resort that include other coffee varieties as well. Starbucks fans, for example, can get all their familiar fixings at places like Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom Park, Creature Comforts in Animal Kingdom Park, and at Trolley Car Café over in Hollywood Studios. And while we’ve zoned in on theme park locations specifically, do take into consideration the several notable cafés you will find at different resort hotels as well as those right in the heart of Disney Springs. All offer their own intricate spins on coffee classics and house specialties alike.

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We’ve taken a look at just a sampling of the countless selections of coffee craftsmanship you can indulge in while visiting Walt Disney World. And we haven’t even gotten to the bottom of the pot, not by a long shot! So perk up and get sipping today with your perfect propriety blend of coffee mixed with a smattering of Disney Magic.

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