Rachel Zegler and Disney Have Competition via Conservative ‘Snow White’ Film Announcement

Snow White and the Evil Queen
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The entertainment world is no stranger to controversy. One recent Disney debacle has been a poisoned apple for the company over several months. Disney’s forthcoming live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, featuring Rachel Zegler as the iconic princess, has been lit with controversy. However, the real surprise comes from a new contender in the streaming industry, The Daily Wire, which is taking on Disney in the most unexpected way.

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The Rachel Zegler Controversy

When Disney announced that Rachel Zegler, a talented Latina actress, would be cast as Snow White in its live-action remake, it triggered many critics online over representation in Hollywood. Some viewed this as a positive step toward diversifying roles and promoting inclusivity, while others argued that it amounted to cultural appropriation.

Rachel Zegler’s comments on the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film have fueled the heated debate, further intensifying the controversy surrounding the upcoming adaptations. In her candid remarks, Zegler criticized the film’s portrayal of gender roles and its relevance in modern times, leading to even more fervent discussions among fans and observers.

The controversy surrounding Zegler’s casting has further exposed deep divides in how audiences perceive the reimagining of beloved characters and stories. These same critics tore Disney apart for casting Halle Bailey as Ariel in 2023’s The Little Mermaid remake.

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Enter The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire, known for its conservative stance and media content, is no stranger to provocative and controversial storytelling. Its polarizing material and links to political commentator Ben Shapiro have turned off many, yet it also has a wide fanbase that enjoys its content.

Capitalizing on the ongoing debate surrounding Disney’s choice to cast Zegler, The Daily Wire has made a bold move of its own. The conservative media outlet is launching a streaming platform called Bentkey. It has also announced its own live-action adaptation of Snow White featuring Brett Cooper, a well-known conservative commentator and actress. The film is titled Snow White and the Evil Queen and is set to launch next year with Disney’s adaptation.

An Alternative Perspective

In response to the Disney controversy, The Daily Wire’s Snow White and the Evil Queen is designed to provide an alternative perspective akin to the source material and Disney’s original classic. Some who find themselves at odds with Disney’s choices regarding Snow White may see The Daily Wire’s adaptation as an alternative that aligns more closely with their own values and beliefs.

Fan Feedback to Snow White and the Evil Queen

As the announcement of The Daily Wire’s adaptation made waves, it sparked conversations on social media. Fans expressed excitement and skepticism, some more controversial than others.

One commenter shared, “Love all the folks at the DailyWire but I hope this movie is actually good. All their other dramatic presentations have been pretty bad. You’re not really the alternative you’re hoping to be if your quality is that bad.” It’s clear that, for many, the success of the adaptation will hinge on the quality of the production.

Another comment touched on the casting choices: “I think I prefer the DailyWire’s Snow White because their Snow White is actually, well, you know…” This comment alludes to the ongoing discussions about casting choices and representation. However, the views expressed with this tweet have been volatile in their own right.

Yet another fan voiced the importance of creating content with integrity, saying, “These better be good and not just jumping on the bandwagon to claim the lost Disney dollars. Children need good content made with integrity but these days must have the extra production value and marketing to compete with the ‘lost’ studios.”

Another pointed out that the announcement seemed like a direct jab to troll Rachel Zegler and Disney.

This feels very knee jerk reactionary to Rachel Zegler’s comments. I hope it’s actually done well and not hastily thrown together out of anger at Disney and the frustration at the comments of a 22 year old woman.

The comments on social media showcase the scrutiny that The Daily Wire’s Snow White and the Evil Queen adaptation is already facing. For some, it’s a chance to stick it to Disney and remain close to the German Brothers Grimm fairytale. However, the success of the adaptation is also met with concern, as many claim The Daily Wire is not widley known for producing quality film content.

The upcoming showdown between Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Daily Wire’s Snow White and the Evil Queen adaptation reflects the broader debates around representation and storytelling in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, Disney has stuck by its upcoming film and gives no concern to its trolls. However, which movie will find success is anybody’s guess.

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