Spoiler Alert: Is the Clue To The Ending of Disney’s Encanto In Its Name?

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Fans of Moana and Coco will love Walt Disney Studio’s latest animated fantasy adventure! Encanto is the story of a Colombian family that’s been blessed by a magical candle. For generations, their family has had both a sentient magical house and unique magical abilities–but the only one who doesn’t have any magical gifts (aside from communicating with the house like everyone else) is Mirabel, one of the middle children. Mirabel struggles with her inability to fit in, even though her family is large and loving, and when the magical house and her loved ones’ magical abilities are threatened, she is eager to set off on a quest and find out the secret to the magic. The teaser trailer for Encanto was just released earlier this week, and the movie promises to be a fun, colorful, endearing thrill for its audiences. But could it be that Encanto has already given away its game within its own name?

When we look at the film and its title, Encanto, we see the potential for two different meanings. In Spanish, encanto means enchantment, spell, charm, or love. You could say that someone had broken a spell, or you could say that you love dinner, with the same word. Because the word “encanto” has a dual meaning, it’s possible that the name itself is a clue for audiences! We already know that love itself was the magical solution in Frozen, when Elsa thawed Anna with her platonic sisterly love. Perhaps in Encanto, Mirabel’s love for her family turns out to be her magical mystery gift!

Credit: Disney

Do you have any theories about what Mirabel’s magical ability might turn out to be? Are you going to see this movie in theaters, or are you hoping that it will come out on Disney Plus after its theatrical premiere in November?

Credit: Disney

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