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Things That a Disney Rookie Must Do at Animal Kingdom Park

donald duck, chip and dale, dino bash in animal kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is, without a doubt, the wildest theme park in all of Walt Disney World Resort. Encompassing well over 500 acres, it also happens to be the largest. Because it is the youngest of all four, it’s still quite possible that someone who hasn’t gone on vacation to Disney World in quite some time has never even ...

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Disney Fans Reportedly Consider This “Horrific Hidden Gem” the Best Disney Ride of All Time

animal kingdom tree of life

Disney’s Animal Kingdom sports some incredibly popular attractions, such as Avatar Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. But according to these fans, the best Animal Kingdom attraction is none other than DINOSAUR. Tucked away in a muted compound in DinoLand, USA, stands the Dino Institute—a fictional paleontological research group behind one of Disney’s best ...

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You Can’t Change My Mind – Animal Kingdom is the BEST Disney World Park

extended evening hours animal kingdom

One can never go too long in a conversation with another Disney Fanatic when this all-important question comes up: “Which park is your favorite?” For me, that park is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While the Magic Kingdom will always hold a place of honor above the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort, nothing at Disney World–or Disneyland, for that matter–can ...

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OpEd: How ‘Indiana Jones’ Could Save this Disney Park

Dinosaur Attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida

The Walt Disney World Resort unfolded unprecedented updates during recent weeks, but one Disney Park remains in the dark regarding the future development of a somewhat forgotten land. Now, one ride from Disneyland could help revitalize Disney’s Animal Kingdom like never before. Related: OpEd: How Disney’s New ‘Figment’ Movie Could Save EPCOT There’s no beating around the bush on this ...

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Security Cameras Seemingly Added to Disney Ride Vehicles

dinosaur animal kingdom

In a set of updates to the Theme Parks and attractions, Disney seems to have added security cameras to a classic ride. Disney Parks routinely update and close their rides for refurbishment to achieve the proper upkeep of the attractions as necessary. Some of these rides often require more work than others: Pandora — World of Avatar being one example ...

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OpEd: Why Disney’s Animal Kingdom Needs Australia

Animal Kingdom park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park may be the youngest of the four major theme parks comprising Walt Disney World Resort, but it presents some of the most revolutionary, standout features of all of them. Some have even gone so far as to say that it is not as “Disney-like” when compared with the other three, largely due to the fact that ...

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Time Travel Via Attractions in Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort is the place where magic happens, and there are no limitations on what you can metaphorically do. You can climb mountains, plunge into deep-sea adventures, go on daring expeditions, and travel into other worlds beyond anything you could have ever imagined. So, it should come as no surprise to discover that time travel here is perfectly ...

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The Circle of Life: How The Land Before Time Inspired The Lion King

the lions and rafiki in the lion king

The age-old tale of an orphaned character undertaking a perilous journey is something we’ve become pretty familiar with over the decades. And Disney is no stranger to such story-telling structures, with the likes of The Jungle Book and The Lion King being only two examples out of many. They all seem to feature animals too – which is an extremely ...

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Ways to Celebrate Your Inner Space Cadet At Disney World’s Four Theme Parks


Did you know that October 4th through 10th is World Space Week? Officially defined as “an international celebration of science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition,” World Space Week is recognized by more than 95 nations across the globe. At Walt Disney World Resort, EPCOT is unquestionably the most obvious Park of choice to ...

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