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Disney Adult Takes Aurora Fandom to Another Level

aurora gapes at odettecrystal the cosplayer

It can be challenging to portray a Disney princess and express one’s love for Disney without being accused of violating Disney dress codes (if you’re visiting the Disney Parks, that is) and without feeling like a cookie-cutter copy of other Disney fans after buying a run-of-the-mill Disney princess costume for Halloween. However, sometimes a Disney Adult or Disney princess enthusiast ...

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Content Creator Entertains Fans With Uncanny Disney Transformations


If you’re a fan of Disney, Disney costumes, and British humor, then you may have already heard of the Youtuber and social media content creator known as Mr. Thomas English. As a former English teacher and ardent Disney fan, English has become more and more well-known on social media for his hilarious Disney princess compilations and his humorous videos about ...

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Mickey Mouse Shares Magical Moment With Walt Disney Lookalike

bill burns walt disney lookalike posing with mickey mouse

Walt Disney made a return to Disneyland Resort recently! The founder of the Walt Disney Company and all things Disney apparently has a doppelganger in the form of an enthusiastic Disney Guest, who deigned to pose with the Disney character Mickey Mouse recently in a fun attempt to recreate an iconic Disney scene: Walter Elias Disney with his creation Mickey ...

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Disney-Loving Family Invests in Extravagant Photoshoots

disney costume

There are plenty of Disney fans in the world (even if Disney fans these days have often had some doubts about the Walt Disney Company), and Disney fans’ level of commitment can vary. Some fans would prefer to Disneybound in the Disney Parks while wearing a simple but fashionable Minnie Mouse outfit. Others might like to avoid Disney clothing, but ...

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D23 Opens Sign-Ups for ‘Mousequerade’ Cosplay Contest


Okay, Disney Fanatics! Now is your chance to show everyone what an awesome Disney Prince, Princess, Pirate, Jedi, Sith Lord, Avenger, or whatever other Disney characters you can become! In preparation for the Expo later this year, D23 has opened submissions for its ‘Mousequerade’ Cosplay contest! The sign-up for contestants opened on February 28 and will remain open until April ...

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TikTok: Princess Posers Pulled from Disney Park

Disney Princesses

Disney Fanatics can be, well, fanatic. From collecting pins and stuffed animals to getting tattoos of their favorite character, Disney Fanatics are known to be very creative when it comes to expressing their passion for the entertainment giant’s IP. And, like other fandoms, that includes cosplay. Whether one is at Comicon, D23, or just scrolling through the internet, Disney Cosplayers ...

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