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14 Amazing Steps To The The Birth Of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Some of us grew up with Mickey Mouse in the days of black and white TV, and then watched in color and advanced animation. He is still just as endearing as he was in his infancy. Fame doesn’t seem to have turned his head, even though he has become a billionaire entrepreneur and famous celebrity! He has stayed true to ...

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2 Women That Had a Profound Influence on Walt Disney’s Life

Walt Disney

“Walt Disney was outnumbered by women in his household. His beloved wife, ‘Lillian’, his two daughters even the family dog was a female. All the while grumbling good-naturedly, it appears Walt enjoyed being outnumbered by the ladies. In “Walt Disney: An American Original”, by Bob Thomas, the author writes, “He appreciated femininity, and he liked to play the role of ...

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