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Pixar VP Shares Troubling Update on Company’s Future Plans: “F***”

The Incredibles

A Disney executive shared a troubling update regarding an upcoming film. Related: Disney World Mysteriously Closing ‘China’ Attraction at Florida Park A new report from Bloomberg reveals Pixar is going back to the drawing board, quite literally, with the company looking through previous films for inspiration. According to multiple Pixar executives, the company is currently planning to revive several past franchises following ...

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Pixar Expansion: Disney Opens Surprise New Immersive ‘Incredibles’ Attraction

Pixar Expansion

The Walt Disney Company is currently celebrating Pixar Fest, a summer of events and special offers centered around its most critically acclaimed animation studio. In honor of that, Disney has partnered with Airbnb for a new, immersive attraction centered around the beloved Incredibles franchise. Pixar Fest The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and Disney California Adventure are hosting Pixar Fest, which ...

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Disney Pixar Introduces Murder, Adult Language Into Hit Franchise

Disney Pixar Movies

In the vast realm of animated films, Pixar stands as an iconic titan, renowned for crafting heartwarming tales adorned with layers of depth and charm. However, nestled within its repertoire lies a gem that diverges from the typical Pixar formula – Incredibles 2 (2018). While on the surface, it may appear like another family-friendly adventure, a closer inspection unveils a ...

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Top Ten Disney Characters with the Most Giving Nature (Number One Will Shock You!)

genie, aladdin, and abu

Throughout the years, we’ve seen some pretty generous characters being brought to life within the realm of Walt Disney Entertainment. Excluding villains, of course, it goes without saying that the vast majority of Disney characters exude a moral, kindhearted nature about them. The exemplary examples established by Disney Princesses provide the perfect demonstration of such precedents, as do the righteous ...

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Bake Up Family Comforts with These Disney Character-Inspired Recipes

Bob Parr making his breakfast specialty for his 'incredible' family.

Is cold weather still keeping you and your family indoors? That’s okay, because with February being “National Bake For Family Fun” month, you can certainly use this time to bake up a bounty of Disney character-inspired recipes. And while getting creative with your own crafty concoctions is highly recommended, D23 has made the task easier by sharing a great list ...

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Disney Favorites Who Would Have Made Awesome Villains


From the very beginning Walt Disney productions have been known for showcasing heroic and villainous characters alike. When we see one of the bad guys yielding what appears to be an unlimited source of power, which is of course intended for purely evil purposes, we find ourselves trembling. On the flip side, we breathe a sigh of relief when a ...

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Fun Facts About Disney-Pixar’s Coco

Pixar's Coco

While many of us are currently consumed with thoughts about Halloween, there’s another more popular holiday that’s celebrated in Mexico as well as in various other Spanish-speaking nations throughout the Americas. It’s el Día de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead” in English. Officially beginning each year on the eve of October 31st and lasting through November 2nd, this ...

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8 Underrated Disney Films We’d Like To See More Of In Walt Disney World


Each day guests enjoy attractions at Walt Disney World inspired by the most popular Disney films. However, there are a number of fan favorites that are considered “underrated Disney movies” that don’t have a strong presence in the parks, or any presence at all. Some films like Tarzan had a short-lived presence in the parks, but others didn’t get much ...

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