Celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day With A Tribute to the Redheads of Disney

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Those of us who are lucky enough to be redheads get to rejoice with our very own national holiday of sorts. National Love Your Red Hair Day is celebrated every year on November 5th, and as its name implies, it is a commemoration of all shades and variations of that rarest of all hair colors. Longtime fans of Disney can, no doubt, recount the vast array of films and television shows throughout the decades that have featured various red-haired characters. From stars of their very own production to lesser supporting characters, we’re paying tribute to the myriad of redheads who have graced Disney screens over the years.

18. Peter Pan

Because he is a boy who never grows up, you may rest assured that the title character of the animated classic from 1953 hasn’t gone gray. Therefore, we can only assume that he will be sporting his enviable shade of auburn hair forevermore.

Hook and Peter Pan fighting
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17. Anastasia

The title heroine of Disney’s Cinderella has historically been portrayed as a blonde (although some spectators debate whether or not her specific shade of blonde borders on a more strawberry hue in the animated 1950 version). But there is no question at all to the redheaded status of one of her two stepsisters—Anastasia. In fact, her very vibrant shade of red is just about as red as you can get! It’s also worth noting that in the live-action remake from 2015, both stepsisters along with Lady Tremaine were reimagined to appear as gingers.

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16. Anita

While the dogs are the stars of Disney’s animated classic 101 Dalmatians from 1961, you can’t overlook the dogs’ owners Roger and Anita. And the fact that the latter sports a unique, light shade of golden red hair is definitely worth noting here.


15. Hercules

Red hair gets a powerful representation when it’s applied to a renowned mythological hero known primarily for his superhuman strength. Aside from showing off his muscles, the title protagonist in Disney’s 1997 animated film Hercules also showcases a full head of bright red hair. As a side note, Phil the satyr also happens to be a redhead.

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14. Madame Medusa

No, Madame Medusa is not another character from Disney’s aforementioned Hercules. She is the primary antagonist from Disney’s 1977 animated film The Rescuers. A harsh, flashy, and somewhat flamboyant villain to say the least, her fiery persona is highlighted even further by her intense, fiery red hair.

13. Quasimodo

This titular protagonist of Disney’s 1996 animated adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame admittedly does not have much to brag about in the way of physical looks and outward appearance. One thing he does have going for him, though, is a pretty enviable shade of auburn hair.

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12. Thomas

This best buddy to Captain John Smith often gets overlooked when people reminisce about Disney’s 1995 animated film Pocahontas. But he is in fact a vibrant ginger worth noting, nevertheless. And from what we get to see of his family, they too sport various shades of red hair.


11. Jessie

We’re not playing around by including this little toy cowgirl, who joined the vast collection in Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story franchise from the second installment onward. And for those of you who are following the trend by now, you’ve probably already guessed that she too sports some pretty vibrant red tresses.

Woody and Jessie

10. Helen Parr

Hercules isn’t the only super redhead to light up the Disney scene. Disney-Pixar’s The Incredibles and Incredibles II introduced us to what can only be described as a “powerful” family. Included in the mix is wife and mother Helen Parr, alternatively known as “Elastigirl.” Not only is she the most flexible member of the entire clan, but she also happens to keep some nicely cut radiant red hair.

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9. Ellie Fredericksen

This departed wife to Carl in Disney-Pixar’s 2009 computer-animated hit Up is seen in both her elderly state as well as the way she appeared in her more youthful years. That being said, we must take note that before she was old and gray she had some pretty feisty, sometimes unruly, red hair.

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8. Roxanne

This often overlooked character from Disney’s A Goofy Movie from 1995 served as a burgeoning love interest for Goofy’s adolescent son Max. While it’s a “doggone” world we see depicted in this film, full of animatronic dog characters, Roxanne appears as a school-aged dog girl with long flowing red hair.


7. Phineas

This next highlighted pick is one of two title protagonists starring in Disney’s animated series Phineas and Ferb. While Ferb is known for his flamboyant green hair, Phineas is our featured redhead as far as this series is concerned.

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6. Kim Possible

Here is another Disney Channel Original cartoon series, which more recently released a live-action Disney Channel Original movie based on the popular series. And with both depictions, our title heroine was recognized by her long, flashy red strands.

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5. Jessica Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a Disney film released under the Touchstone Pictures Label in 1988. Because this movie combined live-action actors with traditional animation characters, we got to see an original storyline full of famous old-time cartoon references. In addition, we also got to meet some new animated creations like the one and only Jessica Rabbit. Devoted wife to the title rabbit, this animated beauty was inspired by many famous actresses. Her peekaboo hairstyle was obviously influenced by Veronica Lake, though the decision to give her red hair was a tribute to Tex Avery’s famous “Red” character of cartoon fame.


4. Giselle

Another Disney film that saw great success in combining live-action with cartoon animation was Enchanted, released in 2007 (and its sequel is almost here). Here we have the perfect Disney Princess incarnate in the character of Giselle, seen in both her animated as well as her live-action versions, and in both instances she has beautiful, flowing ginger tresses.

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3. Anna and Hans

With the release of the computer-animated hit Frozen in 2013 we got to meet two very special sisters—Elsa and Anna. While the former is recognizable for her snowy exterior paired with her platinum blonde hair, Anna’s hair borders more on the red side of things. There is some debate as to whether or not Anna’s hair is truly red or more of a strawberry blonde or even light brown. But it looks pretty red to us, so we’re giving her a place of honor on our list just the same. And if you’re looking for a non-debatable, very obvious ginger from Frozen, just take a look at Prince Hans.

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2. Merida

This Highland beauty steals the show in Disney-Pixar’s Brave, as a most unconventional, somewhat tomboyish Disney heroine. While she’s not at all lacking in attributes that distinguish her from what we traditionally think of when we think about Disney Princesses, one of her most recognizable standout features is her untamed, wild red locks. Merida isn’t the only redhead in her family, though. Her father and her three younger brothers all share the trait as well.

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1. Ariel

Disney’s most recognizable, longtime redhead is none other than Ariel. Splashing onto the scene in Disney’s animated adaptation of The Little Mermaid back in 1989, Ariel may not be the first Disney redhead, but she was undoubtedly the very first one to be regarded with such fame and recognition for her long, flowing red waves. Arguably, it’s really her hair that actually characterizes her even more than that whole having-a-tail thing.


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We bet you never realized just how many redheads have been known to rule the roost in Disney entertainment over the years. And because The Walt Disney Company is forever making more magic through movies and entertainment, the likelihood for even more ginger grandeur is pretty strong.

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