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From the very beginning Walt Disney productions have been known for showcasing heroic and villainous characters alike. When we see one of the bad guys yielding what appears to be an unlimited source of power, which is of course intended for purely evil purposes, we find ourselves trembling. On the flip side, we breathe a sigh of relief when a great and powerful good guy is in our court, able to challenge and best any villain at their own game.

But what if some of these roles were reversed, and some of our most powerful Disney friends were on the side of our most fearful foes? We’re looking at 10 examples of characters we generally think of as being good guys, imagining just how bad it would be if they had chosen to be the villains of their stories instead.

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10. Chip and Dale

For our first example, we start out small, literally, with this chipmunk duo of double trouble. Chip and Dale are by no means your typical heroes. In fact, they were actually created to be antagonistic, bothersome beings featured Donald Duck storylines. All the same, we do not traditionally think of them as being villains either.

And as their characters grew into more recurring, established roles in various Disney works to follow, they have fallen into more favorable status among fans. They did go into the whole “rescue ranger” business eventually, let’s remember. But could you imagine the amount of trouble they could have caused if they had elected to become tag-team evildoers instead? That would have been a nutty mess indeed.

Chip and Dale

Credit: Disney

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9. Tinker Bell

This little fairy, who rose to fame now independent of her earlier introduction from Disney’s animated 1953 presentation of Peter Pan serves as just one fairy example. But the fact is that any fairy who decides to go over to the dark side could really do a lot of damage. The character of Maleficent proves to be the perfect example of such.

And given Tinker Bell’s sometimes petty nature and mischievous antics, can you imagine the destruction she could do if she was working for the other side? By that extension, all her spinoff fairy friends along with other Disney fairies could wreak a lot of havoc if they so chose to do so. In short, any fairy would make a dastardly villain.

Which Disney Fairy Are You?-1

Credit: Disney

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8. Fairy Godmother

Sometimes, despite the “fairy” part of her name, we tend to forget to think of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother as being a fairy. Rather, more often than not, we embrace the “mother” dynamic. All the same, we cannot deny that she yields plenty of positive power to make dreams come true, as evidenced in the way she set things in motion for the title character of the story. But can imagine what harm could come about if her wand got into the wrong hands?

We get to see the dire effects played out in the direct-to-video third installment of the animated Cinderella franchise. And we must say, it isn’t good. If Lady Tremaine can conjure up such drama with Fairy Godmother’s wand, just imagine how much more problematic it would be for an already seasoned magical being, who knows well how to work magic, to use her powers for evil rather than good.

Fairy Godmother Disney World

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7. Rapunzel

Rapunzel is one of the few Disney Princesses who possess a source of magic from within. In her case, she has magical healing powers in her hair when she sings. And let’s think about her long bounty of hair for a minute. She uses it to fulfill many daily purposes in addition to healing those select few she comes in contact with. But could you imagine the trouble she could get into if her intentions weren’t so pure-hearted? While we can’t know for sure if she could equally use the healing source of her magic for destructive purposes, we do know that she can use her hair to wrap up and detain enemies and could really utilize it in her defense if need be. Knowing this drives home the fact that she isn’t someone we’d ever want to double cross.

Credit: Disney

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6. King Triton

We all know the tidal wave of destruction Ursula can bring about in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, but when you consider the wrath of King Triton you have to admit that he isn’t an enemy you want to have if you find yourself needing to travel over turbulent waters. We get to see a sampling of his temper when he destroys Ariel’s treasures. And that trident he possesses undeniably holds much more power than the sea witch possesses on her own, as evidenced by the magnitude by which her power increases when she finally gets it into her grip.

Credit: Disney

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5. The Incredibles

In Disney-Pixar’s The Incredibles and Incredibles II we get to see a whole host of superhero characters, including the primary protagonist family and their powerful peers. And as is the case with anyone who possesses superhuman abilities, we do not want to see such individuals on the wrong side of justice. So by extension, any super holds the shakable standard for whether or not they choose to use their powers for good or evil. Just as beneficial as their life-saving capabilities are to the public, they could be equally as destructive, no doubt. Truth be told, the absolute scariest prospective hero-turned-villain would be Jack-Jack.

Credit: Disney

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4. Toy Story Toys

We get to meet a wide range of different toys throughout Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story franchise. While each toy’s unique capabilities vary from one item to the next, they all share in that one alarming characteristic—they are actually alive (for all intents and purposes). The idea of toys and other inanimate objects coming to life has been an overplayed scenario featured in several horror stories, but it is an effective one, nevertheless, at stoking our fears.

So can you imagine how scary it would be if this versatile army of toys decided to gang up on you, while you’re alone in your room at night? Just think back to the revelation Sid had. While he totally deserved it, think about how opposite the dynamics would be if the toys had sinister intentions and Andy was their target instead!

Credit: Disney

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3. Elliot

Whether you are a fan of the original from 1977 version or the remake from 2016, the fact that the film Pete’s Dragon revolves around an unseen dragon really can be a disturbing concept if you think long and hard about it. While Elliot the dragon is benign in nature, and takes care of his human friend Pete admirably, just imagine how grim the situation would have been had Elliot not been such a gentle dragon.

2. Elsa

Anyone who has ever watched Frozen can contest to the freakishly frigid capabilities Elsa possesses. And the fact that she spends a large portion of her life fearful of her inability to control the great power she yields creates the makings of a classic horror flick.

But despite an original story arc that was later scrapped for a more sisterly reimagining, Elsa is not a wicked woman. She loves her sister dearly and does not desire to hurt anyone, despite the fact that she gives the world the cold shoulder, quite literally. But can you imagine her potential as a villain? It’s a rather chilling thought, to say the least.

Credit: Disney

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1. Genie

Even though the title hero never had a friend like him before, the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin really is just about the greatest friend to have on your side. From granting wishes to making magic happen with very few limitations on what he can accomplish, we all would benefit immensely by having a Genie in our lives. But when we look beyond the idea that Aladdin’s Genie, in particular, is a fun-loving, happy-to-help, caring guy, the depths of his power can be somewhat unsettling. The fact remains that as wonderful in nature as the Genie appears, he would have made an unstoppable, sinister supervillain. Consider the case for Jafar—a terrifying thought that still shakes us up.

Credit: Disney

Now that you see the potential of what could have been, you probably agree that it’s a refreshing notion to have so many powerful forces within Walt Disney entertainment using their capabilities positively. But that’s the beauty of the whole good triumphing over the evil scenario and one of the reasons why Disney is all about creating that happily ever after in every story.

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