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Why Should Billionaires Decide Anything, Especially About Disney?

Disney Bob Iger

The fans have spoken, and they are done with the billionaires thinking they know what’s “best for the people,” especially when it comes to Disney. The contentious battle between billionaire activist-investor Nelson Peltz and the iconic entertainment giant Disney has finally reached its conclusion, with Disney emerging victorious in a decisive manner. This outcome was solidified through the resounding support ...

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Former Walt Disney Company CFO Speaks Out: “The Disney I Know and Love Has Lost Its Way”

Disney desperate for Wish success

The Walt Disney Company has had some recent turnover in the past few years. In addition to its CEOs swapping, its former CFO Christine McCarthy stepped down, as well as the Chief Information Officer, and the company’s chief diversity officer and senior vice president Latondra Newton. But before all that was Jay Rasulo. Related: No One Is Coming To Save The ...

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The DOW Just Hit A Record High, So Why is Disney Still Struggling?

Disney stock market struggles

The end of the year is nearly upon us, and the stock market is having an historic rally. After a bumpy first 10 months of the year, the DOW Jones Industrial Average has been on an incredible upswing these last two months, gaining nearly 5,000 points. For the first time in history, the DOW broke 37,000. Most of this increase ...

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Revenge Served Cold: Fired Senior Executive’s “Personal Agenda” Stresses Bob Iger

bob iger disney investor fight

After Disney CEO Bob Iger orchestrated a massive clean-up of the company earlier this year, firing some of the top-level executives in the game, the company claims that one of them is driven by a “personal agenda” to support activist investor Nelson Peltz in reshaping the board. It’s not easy to be Disney, and it’s certainly not easy to be ...

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The Sharks Are Circling as Iger Looks for a Way Out

Peltz/Perlmutter team up for Disney Changes

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” It’s the quintessential advice from The Godfather. This advice holds true in most walks of life, but none more so than in the business world. You must always know what your competitors are up to and when they may be coming after you. This is a lesson that Disney CEO Bob Iger either ...

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He’s Back! Billionaire Investor Wants a Seat at the Disney Table

Nelson Peltz looking for two Disney board seats

Earlier this year, billionaire investor Nelson Peltz tried to gain a seat on the Walt Disney Company’s Board of Directors. Eventually, he gave up his proxy battle when Disney CEO Bob Iger decided to eliminate 7,000 employees and save the company more than $5.5 billion in the process. But Peltz was looking for Disney to return the dividend to shareholders. ...

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DeSantis is Losing His Billionaire Donors Over Disney Feud

Billionaire donors cooling on DeSantis over Disney Feud

Running for President of the United States can’t be easy. You must spend most of your time traveling around the country, hoping that people will like you enough to vote for you. The rest of your time is spent begging people for money so that you can continue traveling the country, hoping that people will like you. Ron DeSantis is ...

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Disney Fires Marvel Chairman, Iger Dissident in Wave of Layoffs

Marvel Chairman fired by Disney

Another Marvel leader was added to the list of thousands of people being laid off by The Walt Disney Company. Related: Disney Exec Was “Blindsided” By Firing, But She Repeatedly Violated Her Contract The past few days have been filled with layoff updates and included the axing of Bob Chapek’s entire metaverse division, “Next Generation Storytelling,” as well as one ...

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Bob Iger Wins! Invading Investor Ends Proxy War After Disney Restructuring News

Disney Proxy War Over

The battle for the Kingdom’s highest Court is reportedly over, as Activist Investor Nelson Peltz withdraws his proxy fight to join Disney’s Board of Directors after CEO Bob Iger outlined a massive reorganization of The Company during the Q1 2023 Earnings Call. But how much damage in terms of voting proxy has already been done? Trian Partners founder Nelson Peltz ...

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