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Top Magic Kingdom Attractions Perfect for Little Ones

Toddler at Disney

While visiting Walt Disney World, you’d be surprised at how many rides require a child to be a certain height or have warnings because they may be too scary. For little ones between 2 and 5, it can be hard to pick and choose the perfect rides for them. Here are top attractions in the Magic Kingdom that are absolutely ...

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8 Things We Love About the Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Between the thrilling roller coasters and classic Magic Kingdom favorites is one of my personal favorites: The Magic Carpets of Aladdin! Although the demand to ride this attraction is usually fairly slim to none, I always enjoy the feel of going on my very own magic carpet ride. Guests of all ages can appreciate living like Jasmine and Aladdin! Here ...

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5 Things We Love in Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand

Primevil Whirl

DinoLand is a prehistoric wonderland located inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Read below 5 things we love about DinoLand. 5. Restaurantosaurus: Restaurantosaurus is a quick service restaurant located inside DinoLand. The restaurant is a home base to student paleontologists who converted it to a restaurant. In addition to the fun props around you inside, there is outdoor seating as well. The ...

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10 Rides You Don’t Necessarily Need A FastPass For At Walt Disney World

It's Tough To Be A Bug

There are so many rides and attractions at Walt Disney World, so you might want to know in advance which ones you may or may not need to reserve Fast Passes for. I have listed some that usually do not have long wait times. 1. Mickey’s PhilharMagic — Magic Kingdom — Fantasyland —This delightful attraction is a 3D concert experience, ...

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Top 10 Disney World Attractions We Wished Weren’t Closed

Maelstrom Sign

Walt Disney was once quoted as saying “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world”. The same holds true to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It is constantly changing, evolving and growing. The only downside to this is that most of the time when a new attraction ...

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10 Walt Disney World Attractions You Should FastPass

fast pass _ disney fanatic

Fast Pass Reservations are essential if you don’t like waiting in a lengthy line. Just reserve your ride or attraction fast passes in advance, and with your Fast Pass App, you can reserve or change your reservation in advance. There are some more popular rides and attractions for which this option is a necessity in order to avoid extra long ...

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10 Things We Wish Would Be Part of Disney Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a park in transition right now. With old attractions leaving and new attractions on the horizons, Disney fans are hopeful that the park will be revived. While we only have vague ideas of what’s to come, here’s 10 things we wish Hollywood Studios would add: 1. Cars Land In 2012, Disneyland in California, opened up Cars ...

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6 Secrets People Don’t Know About Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland Bridge

We all know Walt Disney imagined a future full of innovative ideas and technology, so it’s no wonder that Tomorrowland was constructed with a futuristic theme. Needless to say, it is one of the most loved lands in all of the Magic Kingdom. Here are 6 secrets you may not know about Tomorrowland! 6. View of the Contemporary The Contemporary ...

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8 Ride Refurbishments Coming to Walt Disney World

Expedition Everest

One of our least favorite sights around Walt Disney World are the construction walls that pop up in front of our favorite attractions. It certainly takes the wind out of our sails, especially if we weren’t aware the attraction was going to be shutdown for refurbishment. While refurbishments are fairly common and take place almost all year, here are eight ...

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