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Fans Debate Effects of Relaxed Disney Look Guidelines

Disney Cast Members

In April 2021, The Walt Disney Company made headlines by announcing a significant change in its long-standing “Disney Look” policy. This standard has been intensely famous for setting professional guidelines for its cast members’ appearance. The move aimed to embrace inclusivity, diversity, and personal expression among its workforce. However, this bold shift has triggered a spectrum of responses among fans ...

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How Disney Guests Can See a “Real” Ghost at Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion Hitch Hiking Ghosts

Disney Parks are known for their legendary entertainment and unbelievable special effects, but one attraction seems to stand out above the rest regarding immersive storytelling: the Haunted Mansion. Walt Disney World and Disneyland’s version of the infamous ride features a chilling detail that most fans have never noticed. Related: Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion Changing Forever, Expansion Taking Over The ...

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Stop Getting Wasted at Disney World

Stop getting wasted at Disney

There is nothing wrong with having a drink or two while wandering around the World Showcase, but this is getting out of control. Since when has it been a good idea to hang around Disney World, get hammered, and have a good old-fashioned fistfight?   Not long ago, I was walking out to my car, minding my own business, when a ...

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Disney World Quietly Sneaks Changes Into Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan officially returns to Walt Disney World Resort next week, but Disney Parks fans aren’t happy about some hidden changes to the package. In May 2023, Walt Disney World Resort revealed that the Disney Dining Plan would be available for Disney Resort hotel reservations starting January 9. Fans were delighted as the travel package add-on hasn’t been ...

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Disney World Skyliner to Close Soon: Here’s What to Know

Disney Skyliner

One of the reasons why fans love staying on property at Walt Disney World Resort is because of the incredible transportation opportunities available for guests, such as the Monorail, bus, and boat transportation, and, of course, the ever-so-popular Disney Skyliner. The Disney Skyliner is an incredible transportation system that enhances the magical experience of visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. ...

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A Disturbing Trend: Disney Guests Share the Parks With Hallucinating Visitors

Drugs at Disney World

WARNING: The following article contains content that may not be suitable for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised.  Disney World is often referred to as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” providing families with unforgettable memories and magical experiences. However, sometimes, guests choose to enhance that magic by taking substances that have a variety of effects on their brain chemistry. ...

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Beware! Attractions Closing Across Every Disney World Theme Park Next Month

Closed Main Street USA

Guests may have flocked to the Walt Disney World to celebrate the Christmas season, but next month, certain attractions will be closed across every theme park at the resort. Per the official Walt Disney World Resort website, it can be seen that attraction closures are happening across each of the four Disney theme parks in January. Over at Magic Kingdom ...

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Iconic EPCOT Attraction to Undergo Reimagining Soon

Test Track reimagining

You may remember in September, the 2023 D23 fan event at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida dropped some major announcements. There was plenty of new information, considerable changes, and reveals involving many rides and lands across the entire Orlando theme park. Among the considerable disclosures is a dramatic reimagining of an iconic EPCOT attraction. The History of Test Track ...

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Walt Disney World Location Prepares for Permanent Closing

Walt Disney World Attraction

One of the hardest parts of being a Disney fan is constantly seeing iconic attractions, restaurants, and stores close over the years. Saying goodbye to beloved locations can be tragic, even if it means getting something new down the road. Now, fans are saddened over the latest closure of one of Walt Disney World Resort’s storefronts. New Year to Bring ...

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Disney Announces Closure of Another Big Attraction

Epcot closure

Closures and refurbishments are what help keep Walt Disney World moving forward. When heading down for a magical vacation, checking Disney’s official site to see what experience might be closed during your vacation dates is essential. We discovered a significant closure in early 2024 when we recently checked ourselves. If you plan to visit Walt Disney World in early 2024, you will ...

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