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If you are like me, you also grew up watching Jeopardy after school with your family. I have been a long-time watcher and fan who has loved playing along at home with my family for years. I would feel like a genius when I got an answer that my parents didn’t, or feel victorious when I got out an answer quicker than my brothers. For anyone unfamiliar — though I don’t know how anyone could possibly be — Jeopardy is a quiz show that has been airing since 1964. It consists of three rounds: Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy. The show contains a variety of categories that span a wide array of knowledge.

While Jeopardy contestants may frequently best me in matters of science and math as I play along on my couch, there is one subject I can always best them on: Disney. On the rare occurrences that a Disney question or an entire category comes on-screen during a Jeopardy episode, my excitement is immeasurable. Luckily, I and fellow Disney fanatics am able to experience this application of our expertise anytime via the Jeopardy YouTube channel with their episode highlights!


Disney Plus Disney Jeopardy

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Disney+ launched in 2019, and has become an extremely successful streaming platform with a backlog of content from the Walt Disney Company as well as new original content exclusive to Disney+. The content library now boasts over 500 film titles and 7,000 episodes of our favorite shows. Do you think that you can answer 5 questions on Disney+ content ranging from National Geographic documentaries to recent remakes to Pixar shorts? Watch these contestants attempt to do so, including a moment where one contestant misidentifies a beloved Disney dog as an Illumination character.

Disney Movies By Songs

Disney Movies by Songs Disney Jeopardy

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One of Disney films’ most distinct features is of course their soundtracks. This is one category that any Disney fan would easily sweep if they were featured on the show, as long as they had quick fingers and remembered to phrase their response in the form of a question. One contestant out of the three featured in this episode seems to be that fan, with host Ken Jennings observing, “You know your Disney movies.” The answers of this category consist of Disney classics over several decades, with no real notable “stumpers” among them; feel free to give it a go yourself!

The Disney Lady Sings

The Disney Lady Sings Disney Jeopardy

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Disney is currently wrapping up celebrating Women’s History Month- but it’s not over until the Disney lady sings! This category specifically highlights the classic songs of Disney heroines and the actresses who performed them. Real Disney fans could easily name either of these if given the other, but contestants here were merely asked to give the name of the movie that the famous heroines were featured in.

The Disney ladies here are all Disney Princesses, with one contestant sweeping the category and impressively showing off her extensive Princess knowledge. Unfortunately, I could not see myself doing the same, as there is a strong possibility I would be too busy mentally singing the songs as I saw the titles pop up to actually buzz in.

Disney on Broadway’s 25th Anniversary

Disney on Broadway 25th Anniversary Disney Jeopardy

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In 2019, Disney Theatrical Productions celebrated 25 years of Disney on Broadway, with the first Disney Broadway show premiering in 1993. With more than 20 productions currently produced or licensed, Disney Broadway productions have been going strong across the world for more than two decades. This category is highly enjoyable for its video clues featuring professional recordings of the Disney Broadway productions. Feel free to keep track of how much money you would have made here if you are not busy wishing that these performance recordings were available for streaming on Disney+.

Double Jeopardy: Aladdin on Broadway

Double Jeopardy

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Double Jeopardy sees the monetary value of questions from the first category doubled. This is often accompanied by increasingly difficult categories. While Disney Broadway productions were featured previously on an episode in round one, this Double Jeopardy category features a deeper dive into one specific Disney Broadway show.

Aladdin on Broadway Disney Broadway Disney Double Jeopardy

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Featuring the original Broadway cast of Aladdin on stage delivering the clues in character, this high enjoyable category showcases the dazzling production of Disney’s Aladdin. Aladdin, Jasmine, the Geenie, and Jafar all make appearances.

The Grand Vizier himself gives the $2,000 clue, appropriate given his own desire for riches. This category sees the contestants do quite well once again. A notable exception, however, comes when a contestant gives a wrong answer after misunderstanding the question and audibly expresses his frustration with himself as the late host Alex Trebek moves on to the next question.

Final Jeopardy: Movie Characters

Final Jeopardy

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The all-important final Jeopardy sees the category revealed before the commercial break, giving contestants an opportunity to wager some or all of their accumulated winnings based solely on the category’s title. If you have been keeping track of your points while playing along, take a look at these Disney final Jeopardy categories and see how much you would wager if you were on the show!

Disney Movie Characters Final Jeopardy Disney Jeopardy

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Do you know the movie character who was originally named Lunar Larry in early versions of the film’s script? Can you name the real-world inspiration for the name change? Say your answer now, and hit play to find out if you are right.

Final Jeopardy: Disney Characters

Disney Movie Character Final Jeopardy Disney Jeopardy

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Do you know what Disney film was inspired by source material from more than three centuries ago? Do you know the female Disney character that was originally from this story? Make your wager, watch the video, and see where you fare among your fellow contestants.

Final Jeopardy: Behind the Disney Attraction

Behind Disney Attractions Disney Parks Final Jeopardy Disney Jeopardy

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Finally a question about the rich history of Disney Parks! Though Disney Imagineering marks years of innovations- do you know the company that originally developed the technology used in the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and its refurbishment in Disneyland’s Avengers Campus Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout? This is perhaps the most difficult question featured out of all of the previous categories. Make your guess, and click below to reveal the answer.

How well did you fare at Disney Jeopardy- are you a winner? What was your final score? What Disney categories would you like to see featured on Jeopardy? Let us know!

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