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There is no shortage of official Disney content from Walt Disney Studios and Disney Parks Blog on social media and entertainment platforms like YouTube. But there are also creative, hardworking commentators and creators who make content about Disney independently. These are just a few of these creators who make this kind of content all the time and rely on viewers like you to support their content.

For Disney Princess and Cosplay Fans

Disney Princesses

Credit: D23

Micarah Tewers, “Dressing Only As Princesses for a Week”

Micarah Tewers is a creator with 1.85 Million subscribers on YouTube. Her channel is home to her fun, fast-paced, funny vlogs, at-home DIYs, and many RV and thrifting adventures. Many of these videos also showcase her sparkling personality as well as her amazing talent for dressmaking.

Her description for this particular video asks, “Have an abundance of Princess dresses and don’t know what to do with them? Try this!” The video not only shows Micarah legitimately dressing in full princess glamour for a week in everyday life, accompanied by her good-hearted humor, but also includes some how-to tips and tricks. She also shares links to her Rapunzel Dress Tutorial, Snow White dress Tutorial, Cinderella dress Tutorial, and Elsa dress Tutorial in the description.

Micarah Tewers

Credit: Micarah Tewers

Instagram: @micarahtewers, TikTok: @micaraht

For Lovers of In-Depth Movie Critiques and Documentaries

The Lion King

Credit: Disney

Your Movie Sucks, “YMS: Kimba the White Lion”

Your Movie Sucks (YMS) is a YouTube creator who has been around for a long time, and his signature dry humor and film commentary has earned him 1.1 Million Subscribers. But one of his greatest projects has been the massive undertaking of the “Kimba the White Lion” franchise.

Clocking in at over two hours, this extremely well-researched and fascinating watch is the subject of the often-repeated rumor that Disney’s 1994 classic The Lion King is, in fact, a shameless ripoff of the anime “Kimba The White Lion.” This required a very deep dive into the surprisingly large Kimba franchise, including several different movies and TV series. Simply put, the oft-repeated rumors have little to no bearing on reality, and those who lift up examples of surface-level similarities between the two properties are provably false. Listening to YMS’ fatigued tone when taking on some of the more ridiculous or easily refutable claims by Kimba conspiracy theorists is particularly wonderful for those who have heard all of these arguments before.


Credit: Your Movie Sucks

Website: http://www.YourMovie.Sucks

For Major Disney Film History Nerds

Great Mouse Detective

Credit: Disney

Sara Sterling, “The Great Mouse Detective (Down to Disness)”

Sara Sterling is one of the O.G. Disney YouTubers based in California, with a subscriber count of over 72,000. She is known for her very memorable Disney bounding and love of the Disney theme parks. But one of her underrated projects is her video essay “Down to Disness,” an ongoing series that explored the history of Disney animated classics and the cultural impact they had after their release.

Her video description reads:

“Thanks for watching Down to Disness- a Disney history series where I examine Disney animated feature films and exploring their impact on pop culture. Hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what movie or era you’d like to see me do next!”

This particular video chronicles the story of one of my personal favorite Disney animated films, the highly underrated “Great Mouse Detective.” After the box office disappointment that was The Black Cauldron, the early to mid-’80s were a dark period for Disney before the advent of the Disney renaissance. But The Great Mouse Detective is undeservedly lost in the shuffle of the films during this time. A standalone video exploring it is definitely worth a watch.

Sara Sterling

Credit: Sara Sterling

Twitter: @sarahsterling, Instagram: @sarahsterling

For Those Still Waiting for their Favorite Series on Disney+

Buzz Lightyear

Credit: Disney

Defunctland, “DefunctTV: The History of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command”

Hello and welcome to Defunctland! Defunctland is a YouTube series discussing the history of extinct theme park and themed entertainment experiences. We also have a podcast, VR project, spin-off, and a whole bunch of fun stuff! Welcome to the channel!

Defunctland is a channel that explores in-depth various Defunct properties, many of them Disney. In this episode of his special series “Defunct TV..” the voice of Defunctland Kevin Perjurer “takes to the stars” to explore the history of the Disney Television Animated series “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.” Given the soon-to-be-released major motion picture, Lightyear diverges from the narrative set up in this Toy Story animated spinoff series. With the original Toon Disney series still not found on Disney+, now is the perfect time to celebrate the original show.


Credit: Defunctland

Twitter: @defunctland, Reddit: r/defunctland

For Huge Disney Parks Lovers

Runaway Railway

Credit: Disney Parks

Yesterworld, “The Untold History of The Great Movie Ride- Disney’s Beloved and Abandoned Attraction”

With one simple click, we welcome you to Yesterworld Entertainment! A place of 406,000 residents that “exists outside of the tangible reality of the present where we explore and investigate theme parks, movies, video games & entertainment stories of the past.” The particular attraction being examined in this video is MGM Studio’s The Great Movie Ride, now home to Hollywood Studio’s Mickey’s Runaway Railway.

Explore the History of Disney’s now defunct Great Movie Ride, Disney MGM Studios most beloved attraction. From concepts that were cancelled, ideas that were unfinished, controversy and legal disputes with MGM vs Disney, and secrets about the attraction that will change your life.

The history of this love letter to the silver screen, complete with on-ride footage, is a testament to the creativity of Imagineers and the celebration of the Cast Members who made the interactive ride what it was.


Credit: YesterWorld

Facebook: YesterworldEntertainment

For Those Wanting Better Disney Remakes and Adaptations

Haunted Mansion

Credit: Disney Parks

Jenny Nicholson, “Better Disney Theme Park Movies”

In this video Jenny Nicholson, a popular YouTuber with nearly 900,000 subscribers, humorously posits several Disney attractions to be adapted for big-budget film releases. Suggestions include Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain (as a re-contextualized Song of the South), The Enchanted Tiki Room, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, Haunted Mansion (but not THAT Haunted Mansion movie), Horse-Drawn Street Car, Cars Land (distinctly different from the town of Radiator Springs), Space Mountain, and Main Street Electrical Parade. Though many of the suggestions are satirical, they still somehow sound better than the disaster that was Tomorrowland.

Jenny Nicholson

Credit: Jenny Nicholson

Twitter: @JennyENicholson, Instagram: @spider_jewel

For Anyone Who Just Wants To Put on a Pixar Movie and Cry

Credit: Disney

CinemaTherapy, “Therapist Reacts to INSIDE OUT”

CinemaTherapy is an excellent channel that examines emotional themes often found in the film, with an actual professional filmmaker and a licensed therapist as commentators. It describes itself as the following:

Making sense of life, one blockbuster at a time. Licensed therapist Jonathan Decker and professional filmmaker Alan Seawright break down your favorite movies, searching the characters, themes and plots to find things you can use to improve your mental health, your life, your looks? and your cardiovascular fitness (nope.) Join them and their guests as they try to improve life, laugh at each other, and keep Alan from crying over everything.

Inside Out, appropriately, is a film analysis that gets emotional for the show’s hosts. As the description of the video accurately states:

…Therapist Jonathan Decker examines psychology, relationships, family dynamics and more in this deep dive into Pixar’s masterpiece: Inside Out. Jonathan shares his insights from a decade of professional marriage and family therapy to examine the themes and ideas presented in Inside Out, to see what the filmmakers got right, and horribly ruined (not much, really.) Alan says some things too. His insights are of middling quality. Also, Alan cries. Like, a lot.

Cinema Therapy

Credit: Cinema Therapy


For Those Interested in Company History

Pixar Studios

Credit: Pixar

Company Man, “Pixar: The Fantastic Story”

Mike AKA, “Company Man,” has a channel of 1.4 million subscribers that produces videos specializing in “interesting topics in business and marketing of well-known companies.” His popular “Bigger Than You Know” series takes on major companies, including Disney, that own more properties or own more assets than you actually know. But the history of Pixar as a company evidently warranted a separate video. As Pixar is responsible for some of the biggest animated films over the past 25 years, this video talks about the unlikely journey they took to get where they are today.

Company Man

Credit: Company Man

Twitter: @MikeCompany17

For The Kingdom Hearts Fans

Kingdom Hearts

Credit: D23

Starbomb, “The Simple Lot of Kingdom Hearts”

Animator Benek produced this fan-made music video of comedic band StarBomb’s “The Simple Plot of Kingdom Hearts,” the third song in their “Video Games with Simple Plots” trilogy from their “Triforce” album. The plot of the first Kingdom Hearts is quickly recapped by hero Sora, the Keyblade wielder, to a baffled straight man character understandably confused about the game’s story. Starbomb band members Danny and Arin are better known as popular YouTubers The Game Grumps with over 5 million subscribers. And Benek deserves credit for his excellent animation paired with The Grump’s humor.


Credit: Starbomb


Bonus: For All Your Other Disney News and Reviews

Inside the Magic

Credit: Inside the Magic

Inside the Magic, The Latest in Disney News Updated Daily

“Inside the Magic is your source for themed entertainment, including Disney, Universal Studios, conventions, cosplay, live performances and more.”

Inside the Magic

Credit: Inside the Magic


Which of your favorite creators have made videos on Disney in the past? Who is your favorite commentator on Disney content? Tell us!

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