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So, you’re expecting the welcome arrival of a brand-new bundle of joy. Congratulations! But this newest addition to your growing family won’t be arriving in time to join you on your next intended visit to Walt Disney World Resort. Perhaps your plans were already well in place long before you even received the wonderful news. Whatever your situation is, now you’re wondering whether or not you should even still be going on that long-awaited Disney trip. Well, the good news is that Disney World is the kind of place that anyone at any age, any mobility level, and any thrill level can rightfully enjoy. And that even means expectant mothers, whether only in the first trimester or even fairly far along (within reason). But there are a couple of things you really do need to know when making the trip to Disney World while pregnant, including what to plan for and how you should go about it. So, here they are, 12 tips for expectant mothers at Disney World.

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12. Consult Your Doctor First! 

Before going on with your intended vacation, it’s crucial that you consult your doctor first and foremost. Personal needs and risk factors vary from woman to woman, and it’s wise to know whether or not there are any specific precautions you should be taking both leading up to your trip as well as once you arrive on the scene.

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11. Prepare for Nausea

Being pregnant can be a very nauseating time in a woman’s life, and not only in the mornings, either. What’s more, it’s already a well-known fact that many Disney World rides have been known to induce unsettling sick feelings in Guests of all ages and conditions. Top that with an increase in sensitivity to smells, like those particularly heady aromas at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park or even those overly sweet and powerful bakery scents found along Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom Park and your stomach may be churning more than a little this Disney vacation. But thankfully, there are some very good nausea-preventative supplements out there, many of which are safe to take at any phase during your pregnancy. Other tips include drinking plenty of ginger ale and sucking on some hard candies and mints when you can.

Remedies for Nausea

10. Bring Along Multiple Pairs of Shoes

This is sound advice that everyone visiting any Disney destination should follow. But expectant mothers in particular, as well as folks who are troubled by a series of other health-related ailments and conditions, are more prone to discomfort and swelling brought on by prolonged standing. Just be sure that the shoes you opt for are all comfortable selections that won’t put additional strain on your feet or ankles.

Assorted Shoes


9. Comfortable Clothing is a Must

Just as comfortable shoes are an absolute must, so are the right kinds of clothing selections. Avoid anything that is too tight, too itchy, and has the potential to irritate your skin. Wear the right kinds of pants, and if you are wearing shorts be sure they are long enough to avoid the potential chafing that comes from the friction of frequent sitting and standing. And just as you want to plan for unpredictable weather in Florida, like rain, heat, and surprisingly cooler evenings, you’ll also want to plan for all the changes going on inside your body when packing your intended wardrobe selections.

Comfortable Disney Mother-to-Be Shirt

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8. Stay Hydrated

Everyone should be working to stay rightfully hydrated when visiting Disney World, especially given its humid Central Florida location. The same goes for visiting Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California as well as any other theme park location in which you will be constantly on the move. For pregnant women, this is especially important for both your own personal well-being as well as that of the little one growing in your tummy.

Staying Hydrated

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7. Know Every Restroom Location

Before you go you should always familiarize yourself with each and every theme park and Resort layout you will be dealing with. And while doing so, make it a point to pay particular attention to all the different bathroom locations. It may seem like a minor, often overlooked detail of little importance, but you will definitely be glad you did so in the long run.

Interior Restroom at Disney World

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6. Take Frequent Breaks

Don’t get so caught up in all the glory of being at the most magical place on Earth that you accidentally overdo it. While the kid inside of you may be enthusiastic to do everything there is to do all at once, it’s the baby growing inside of you that you need to consider first and foremost. Do prioritize the need to take frequent breaks along the way. Perhaps sitting down for a well-deserved breather with the family on one of the Park benches will suffice. Or perhaps taking time out for a much-needed snack or light refreshment sounds nice. Just take it easy and pace yourself accordingly.

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5. Take Advantage of all the Snacks! 

Speaking of snack breaks, one very exciting thing to look forward to when pregnant at Disney World is having an excuse to pig out on all those delicious food options! Sure, you’re going to want to be mindful of what you’re actually putting into yourself, but it’s a known fact that many expectant mothers do undergo some rather odd cravings. And thankfully, Disney has a variety of anything and everything you may be hankering for, with some venues even being famous for their rather odd flavors and questionable combinations. For example, you can get yourself a Grilled Cheeeeeese Donut or one of several other donut sandwich combos at Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew over in Disney Springs. Also on location at Disney Springs, you can try one of many intriguing ice cream flavors at Salt & Straw. Want the strangest hot dog combination you’ve ever tried? Check out the King Dog over at the Hot Diggity Dog Food Truck—a secret menu item comprising of an all-beef hot dog, topped with peanut butter, banana, honey mustard, chipotle-berry preserve, and brown sugar bacon, all served on a French-toast-batter-dipped, cereal-encrusted bun.

Oddities and other options can be found all throughout Disney Park and Resort locations as well. One refreshing, albeit, more conventional item you’ll find at just about every produce stand is of course the jumbo packaged pickle.

Multiple Snack Combinations

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4. Enjoy the Docile Rides and Attractions

Do be careful and cautious about the certain rides and attractions you decide to pursue, whatever trimester you are in. For example, any roller coaster should of course be off limits as well as thrill rides like the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Depending on what you can handle, even Kilimanjaro Safaris may be off-limits for some. But don’t worry, for there’s many a docile attraction you can still rightfully enjoy at just about every Park. Beloved ride-through attractions like the Haunted Mansion, Under the Sea – Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and the Seas with Nemo & Friends are all safe bets. The classic “it’s a small world” is also a promising pursuit to look forward to along with so many others.

Riding PeopleMover

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3. Stay at a Disney Resort

Just consider the convenience and reliability of complimentary transportation services and you can’t deny the sense of staying onsite at a Disney Resort hotel. Disney World Resorts are renowned for comfort, quality, and of course Disney Magic, and the complimentary shuttle services are only the beginning of the extra perks and advantages of staying onsite. Even if you’ve been one of those off-property hotel patrons in the past, at this crucial time it may just be time to try something new by staying directly in the magic.

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

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2. Make Time to Relax Around Your Resort

In continuation of how wonderful it is to stay onsite of Disney property are the myriad amenities and recreations to be found at each Resort location. For someone looking to do things a bit easier, your Resort is sure to keep you entertained and interested. Some offerings you’ll find at any Disney Resort distinction include poolside fun, Movies Under the Stars, campfire activities, and others. But depending on which Resort you are staying at per se, there may be even more to delight in. So, make it a goal to plan plenty of relaxing Resort time in addition to fun in the Parks.

Relaxing at Resorts

1. Listen to Your Body

This may seem like simple advice, but I cannot stress enough the importance of really listening to your body. Despite your schedule and any tentative working plans you have, if you start to feel like you need a rest, by all means, take one. If you start feeling bad and need to return to the room for a nap, go on and do so. For some first-time mothers-to-be, this is the time when bodies start doing strange, alien-like things they’ve never experienced before. So, listen to your body and only do what is most comfortable for you and that baby inside of your belly.

Disney Spa Services

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Doing Disney while pregnant isn’t for everyone. And it does come with its own series of risks to consider. Essentially you must come to your own decisions on whether to pursue a pending Disney vacation in your condition. Just remember that after visiting Disney World as an expectant mother, you’re going to want to plan a follow-up trip as a Mommy, sharing the magical experience with your new little prince or princess by your side.

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