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In a move that proved a little controversial, an educator insisted that schools need to learn how to be more like Disney World.

It’s a well-known fact that the Walt Disney World Resort is a wonderful holiday destination for that magical Disney vacation. Parents and children both find much they can enjoy between the rides, attractions, character meet ‘n’ greets, dining options, and more. Guests from around the world flock to the Disney Resort to get their taste of the Disney experience.

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Magic Kingdom Park/Disney

However, in recent times, the Walt Disney Company has instituted certain changes that mean Guests have been less than happy with the Mouse House and the Disney Park. But while fans have held this opinion, an educator, Jonathan Alsheimer, contended that schools needed to learn to be more like Disney World.

He shared the video on Twitter:

In the video, Alsheimer is speaking at the National Family Engagement Summit and asks, “Why can’t schools be more like Disney World?”  He shares that his family is “a big Disney+ family” and that his girls love Disney+ and they’ve frequented the Parks.

Alsheimer goes on to mention,

“Here’s the truth about Disney…When you show up at Disney, it doesn’t matter who it is. Their whole goal is to make you have the best day of your life. What if what we do in the business that we run—it’s a school business, it’s a people business—what if every single day, our whole damn job is to make that kid, that mom, that dad, that person feel like we’re trying to impact them?”

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Kids at Walt Disney World Resort/Disney

But while that might seem like a lovely idea, and some people agreed, many commenters were more skeptical, and some even outright upset. John LeBlanc MA, Ed, @inspiredliving, asked, “Does school have Disney World funding? Asking for a friend.”

Another user, Teaching for the Money, @MiddleReading, seconded the disagreement, “Oh, my god. Seriously? I work 10-14 hour days trying to get my job done because I don’t have time at school. I give everything I can for my students. This take is awful.”

Owen Webb, PhD, @Owen_Webb, agreed and even added on to how Disney portrays educators, “Have you ever watched how Disney portrays educators in its shows? It is awful. We don’t need to be comparing education to anything to do with Disney.”

Magic Kingdom Park

Magic Kingdom Park/Disney

Whether the comparison of Disney to schools is necessarily agreeable, the thought of making educational spaces more welcoming is certainly welcome.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney news as it comes to light.

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