Disney Permanently Closing Animal Kingdom? Here’s the Truth

animal kingdom closure

The internet is back at it again, and this time it’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom on the chopping block. Another video from TikTok has been making the rounds, teasing the removal of Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in 2024.

Earlier this year, a rumor swept the Disney community scaring many fans into believing that Cinderella Castle would be removed. As we reported in August, per the Mouse Trap News on TikTok, the Cinderella Castle was to be removed after the 50th-anniversary celebrations from the Disney Park. The news alleged that “this announcement came out of the blue and [was] devastating, and there [were] no mentions from Disney as to what might be replacing it.”

beacons of magic animal kingdom

Beacons of Magic/Courtesy of Disney

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Of course, it came to be widely known that this was, in fact, satire, and the source was serving more to comedic effect than anything else. Disney fans were quite turned off by the occurrence, seeing as the Magic Kingdom attraction is beloved so much it reduces fans to tears on sight.

Now, another video from the same source has been making the rounds, this time on Twitter, enough that Theme Park influencer Jingle Bret took note and shared a screenshot highlighting the traction the video had gotten online, adding:

tiktok was a mistake, and these clicks on this video are insane. The app rewards engagement regardless if the engagement is factual or not. It’s like the Wild West, but with nudity now for some reason.

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The original video is from the same source as the Cinderella Castle rumor—making it another satire video, but that didn’t stop fans from expressing their frustration with the account. Even reputed journalist Scott Gustin joined in, adding, “a podcast where it’s me repeatedly asking the mousetrap creator “But… why?!” and the person shrugging and laughing like Seth Rogen for an hour.”

Check out the original video below, which as of posting this article, has over 87K likes and 2000 comments on TikTok:


Do you think Disney should close Animal Kingdom forever? #disneyworld #animalkingdom #disneynews #disneysanimalkingdom #disneyparks

♬ original sound – olinhere – olinhere

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While some in the community are aware the account is for satire, many were taking the news at face-value and engaging in discussion.

TikTok user Cara commented, “there’s no way they’d close after spending 500 million on pandora.” Another user J.E.  also shared, “Animal Kingdom is my favorite park. Close Hollywood studios. It sucked.” A third user, Cason Adams 2025, chimed in, “Why is Epcot not the least visited part? Disney literally said let’s make a part for 80 year olds and created Epcot.”

Needless to say, Disney has made no official announcements to close any of its wonderful Theme Parks, and as of now, the Walt Disney World Resort is still home to four: Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disneys Animal Kingdom with each Disney World Park at the Disney Resort having unique rides, shows, and attractions on offer for Guests to take in and enjoy during their Disney vacation.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on all Disney news.

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