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Former Disney Star Bashed for “Straying from God” and “Satanic” Practices

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Usually, former Disney stars are in the news for sharing the harsh reality of their time working with Disney. Many former Disney actors have spoken out about their time working with the entertainment giant and for the Disney Channel—think Demi Lovato, Selena GomezDove Cameron, and so many others. Many have highlighted the particular image they’re meant to uphold while working for Disney; the flipside of that is how they’re exploring their own journeys in the present.


In moving away from the former pristine images they must maintain while working for the Disney Channel, and after getting their start on the famous Disney platform that just celebrated its 40th anniversary, many have chosen to branch out and share a more authentic voice. Another actor has now done the same.

Vanessa Hudgens, who got her start on the High School Musical series, playing Gabriella Montez, and shot to fame because of it, also recently premiered a passion project that has created quite a stir.

Hudgens shared about the production, “I knew it would be extremely personal, and I would be sticking my neck out doing so… I’m hoping that it makes other curious people out there to be inspired to open their hearts, minds and soul. Trust their intuition and find a bit more peace in the unknown.”

So what is the project?

Vanessa Hudgens teamed up with her best friend and musician, GG Magree, for an unscripted production, Dead Hot, which explores the duo “embarking on a spiritual journey in Salem.” The movie premiered on April 14, 2023, on Tubi. In it, the pair explore witchcraft, and ghost hunting, and connect with spirits.

“It was a lot more personal than anything I’ve ever done,” Hudgens shared with Variety. “I’m not hiding behind a character as I normally do in films — this is me, exploring something that I am very passionate about.”

Hudgens elaborates the new documentary-style production is an intimate journey involving spirituality, the spirit world, and is about female empowerment and sisterhood.


Vanessa Hudgens in an interview about High School Musical / Credit:

Of course, not everyone took very kindly to Hudgens’s latest production. Some have even gone on to criticize the actor for “straying from God” and slam her for her “Satanic practices.”

Outlet Bounding Into Comics commented that witchcraft wasn’t” ‘empowering,’ it is demonic and a direct offense against God.” The outlet continues that while Hudgens is actually “seeking to lead foolish women into the occult under the guise of spiritual enlightenment by talking with the dead, but it will only lead them to demonic possession and torment.”

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