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Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Like Disney World

If you’re like most Disney Fanatics, you probably feel that you could take an instant and immediate vacation to Walt Disney World on just about any day and at just about any moment. But arranging for a Disney vacation takes time, money, and plenty of planning. What’s more, even if you’re ready to go, life’s circumstances don’t always allow you to do so at any given moment. But there are ways to bring the magical feel of Walt Disney World Resort into your home during those vacation-deprived patches in your life. Want to know how? We’ve got these top 10 suggestions for you.

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10. Brew Up Joffrey’s at Home

Start the day by brewing up your favorite Joffrey’s Coffee variety right at home in your own kitchen. That’s right, you can bring home this official coffee of Disney Parks to have any day of the week, and at any time you’re craving some. Even better, you don’t have to wait for your next vacation to snag some to bring back with you. You can order from Joffrey’s online directly at

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9. Get Scents From Magic Candle Company

You’ve no doubt noticed, that as you walk down the streets of Main Street, U. S. A. or take delight in on-premises offerings at your favorite resort hotel that each Disney venue holds its own unique, signature scent identification. And it’s these attributing smells that help cultivate and solidify magical memories that linger in the mind just as they linger in the air. Perhaps you’ve tried to pinpoint what makes each smell so exclusive and have even tried unsuccessfully to recreate it for yourself at home.

Well now it’s easier than ever to get those reminiscent resort smells into your home when you order from Magic Candle Company. Here they offer a wide range of products, from classic scented candles to wax melts, room sprays, fragrance oils, and much more. And best of all, they really nail some of your most beloved Disney scents that succeed at transposing you back into the action of some of your favorite Disney-based destinations, including various rides and attractions. To check out their awesome product line, visit

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8. Get All Your Favorite H20+ Products

Anyone who has ever stayed on-premises within a Disney Resort knows that each accommodation features their own exclusive soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries from the acclaimed H20+ Collection. Perhaps you’ve packed some away and brought them home with you. But if you want to get more and in a much larger quantity, you can order some at

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7. Purchase A Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron

What better way to accompany some of that freshly brewed Joffrey’s Coffee than by scrounging up some Mickey Waffles to go along with it? Mickey Waffles are signature staples at almost every dining establishment throughout Disney Parks and hotels. And while the recipe is admittedly standard, it’s that iconic Mickey Mouse shape that makes them so special. So how do you make Mickey Waffles? Purchase a Mickey Mouse waffle iron, of course! They sell them through both online sources as well as at numerous brick and mortar retail stores.

Not all distributors are Disney-exclusive affiliates, so finding a Mickey Mouse waffle iron should be fairly easy to do. Even better, most are reasonably priced. And on a side note, for those who are fans of other Disney characters, there are numerous other Disney character-themed waffle irons worth looking into as well.

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6. Cook Up Disney World Exclusive Recipes

While the recipe for Mickey Mouse Waffles is pretty standard, there are many decadent, Disney World exclusive recipes that are anything but “standard.” But fortunately for all of us, Disney’s chefs don’t take that tight-lipped secret recipe guarded approach; they believe in sharing the magic with anyone who is interested. You can ask any Cast Member at any onsite Disney dining establishment for a recipe card, detailing the intricate ins and outs for recreating a magical meal in the comfort of your home.

But don’t worry if you missed your chance to ask about your favorite recipe during your last visit, because many can be found online. So next time you’re hankering for a bowl of Strawberry Soup from 1900 Park Fare or find yourself craving some bread from Kona Café, make some up at home for you and your family to enjoy. We promise that if you follow the recipe exactly, you will not be disappointed!

5. Order Disney Parks Snacks From Home

While you can recreate many resort recipes at home, there are still those novelty classic snack packs you may look forward to on each and every visit to Disney Parks. You know the ones; those convenient character-themed packets containing cookies, candy, pretzels, nuts, and the likes. Some of these include Minnie’s Sweet’s, Minnie’s Bake Shop goodies, snacks from Chip & Dale Snack Co., treats by Goofy’s Candy Co., and many others. And despite those who downplay these snacks as being “nothing special” they are indeed special, one-of-a-kind offerings in their own right. Furthermore, they have the power to really send you back to reliving some of your best Disney vacations.

And thanks to the Internet, they are relatively easy to order online to have sent to your home for whenever you need a little Disney-themed pick-me-up. One of the best online sources we’ve found for ordering Disney Parks-based snacks and goodies is And for anyone looking to satisfy their ice cream hankering with a classic Mickey Mouse Premium Ice Cream Bar, know that they are now widely available in many grocers’ freezers.

Chip and Dale Snack Mix

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4. Buy Resort-Specific Merch and Accessories Online

Even if you didn’t get to take a vacation this year or stay at your favorite resort, you can still order resort-specific merchandise and accessories online as well through And we’re not talking about general Mickey hoodies and sweatshirts (though they do have those also, for anyone who is interested). Rather, we’re talking about items specific to the parks or even a particular resort in general. You can also get special occasion or seasonal celebration items, including holiday apparel or 50th Anniversary-themed commemorative products. That’s one way to make a “Disney World” staycation even more resort imitative.

3. Set the Mood With Park and Resort Soundtracks

Just as it is with smells, sounds have the power to transport us back into glorious nostalgia, providing us with a way to relive the overall experience of being right at the center of Disney Parks magic. And throughout the years there have been plenty of Disney Resorts-based soundtracks released for the listening pleasure of the most avid of Disney fans. From that familiar EPCOT loop to a ride’s specific soundtrack, it’s easier now than ever before to access all your Disney favorites. We suggest browsing around online, checking out albums and soundtrack listings, and then ordering your favorites to have on-hand at home to play whenever you need an instant escape into Disney fantasy.

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2. Ride Rides Via Online Video Uploads

This is a very general suggestion, and we can all admit to doing it. While riding a ride or experiencing a show in person is the ideal scenario, it isn’t always possible. So what do we do? We go online to a video uploading site as a way to experience that which we are not in a position to do at present time. From official company released recordings to personal high-definition video uploads by generous contributors looking to share their experiences, getting to relive Disney Parks is far better than nothing at all.

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1. Relive Your Park Memories With Photo Albums and Home Movies

Once again, we can affirm that nothing compares to actually being in the heart of all the Disney Parks action. But if you have ever been, you probably have some records from your former experience(s) to reminisce with. From photo albums to home movies, you may want to give yourself and your loved ones a nostalgic trip back down Memory Lane in full Disney mode. Pull them out and pursue diving right in whenever you need that Disney kick. It can really lift your spirits.

Disney PhotoPass

As we’ve highlighted here, Disney Magic isn’t solely confined to its parks and resorts. And while we’ve given you plenty of suggestions to go by for getting your Disney fix at home for when you are not able to steal away on a Disney destination, keep in mind that there are plenty of other additional ways in which you can elevate the at-home Disney experience personally for yourself and your loved ones. It all comes down to one resounding truth—there are no real limitations to what is possible with Disney Magic.

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