Inexpensive, Yet Meaningful Gifts and Souvenirs You Can Get From Walt Disney World Resort

Mickey Plush Toys
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It’s no secret that prices at Walt Disney World Resort can at times feel a little inflated. From overpriced park drinks to casual apparel that is valued at a much higher rate solely because of its Disney-specific theming, we’ve seen it time and time again. But what do you do if you find yourself in the midst of trying to bring back that perfect souvenir or small specialty gift from your recent Disney vacation while trying to remain on budget-friendly terrain? We have 10 unique considerations, which range in items that are available at almost no cost to those that modestly fall below the $20 marker.

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10. Mickey Ears/Minnie Headbands

Mouse Ears have always been an iconic symbol of Disney culture. Popularized by the original Mickey Mouse Club, the coveted Mickey Mouse Ears have become a must-have item for fans of the show as well as guests visiting Disney Parks. And they still remain a hot item, with more versatile designs and options than ever before. What’s more, now in addition to being featured as Mickey Mouse Ear caps, there’s an equally popular emergent collection of Minnie Mouse Ear Headbands, also of a more versatile offering. While some Mouse Ear hats and headbands can exceed $30 or more, many go for as cheap as $12.99 or less.

Dumbo and Toddler

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9. Pressed Pennies

Here’s a unique souvenir that’s literally worth pennies. They’re pressed pennies featuring classic characters and iconic Disney themes. While barely worth anything in the literal sense (a little more than a dollar, really), they make the perfect gift for those who adamantly keep pressed penny collections. And they’re even conveniently located all throughout the various parks and at other designations.

Pressed Pennies

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8. Resort Soaps and Lotions

We all love those complimentary soaps and lotions we find in our Disney Resort rooms. And quite certainly, we know of family and loved ones who were unable to make the trip but might enjoy usage of such items all the same. Before you think this a tacky move, you should know that Disney Resort toiletries such as soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc. are produced by H20+ Skincare—a renowned distributor in the line of beauty and skincare products. You can purchase these same products in larger content and quantity within most onsite resort stores as well. But compiling these little complimentary miniatures may well make for the perfect gift, and their smaller sizes make for convenient transport too.

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7. Wishable Plushes

For many, bringing home an authentic Disney character plush from a visit to Walt Disney World Resort is a right of passage. And let’s face it, you probably have at least one person on your gift-giving list who would take instant delight in having one as well. But there are two common problems with most stuffed animal purchases in general. First there’s their bulkiness in size, which makes packing such items away for the return journey a bit more difficult. Second is that obvious burden of price range, which can sometimes run unexpectedly high.

But thankfully Disney has taken care of both issues with their versatile line of Wishables. Comprising of many different themes, some specific to holidays, special occasions, and seasonal events, Wishable plushes are conveniently smaller in size than other character plushes and include all your favorites, from well-known classic characters to newer or harder to find figures.  Best of all, most Wishables range in prices from $9.99 to $14.99—a doable endeavor in deed!

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6. Candy and Snacks

Goodies can be found all around the various parks as well as right onsite at any on-property resort. From candy to cookies, pretzels to nuts, popcorn to crispy rice treats—there are so many convenient snack packs you will come across, most of which are themed after Disney characters. Some popular brands include: Minnie’s Bake Shop, Minnie’s Sweet’s, Goofy’s Candy Co., Chip & Dale Snack Co., Disney Snack Foods, and various others.

And because these snack packs come in convenient packaging and do not cost overly much in comparison to other packaged food big-name brands available at various in-park vendors, buying up a couple to take with you on your return journey home (to share with those who were unable to make the trip) makes for a “really swell” idea. As a tip to keep in mind for when Disney Dining Plans return, if you have any snack credits you did not use, or even a couple quick-service meals left you can use your remaining credits in your resort store on such snack items!

Chip and Dale Snack Mix

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5. Disney Pins

Disney Pin collecting and trading has been a popular hobby dating back to 1999. Many fans have since taken up the tradition of collecting Disney-themed pins and sometimes trading pins with fellow fans and even Disney Cast Members. And with new Disney Pins still being produced, and the hobby still going strong for the most avid of longtime Pin fans, you can’t go wrong with getting a couple of Pins as a memento to an at-home collector. Even if nobody in your group is a into Pin trading or collecting, they still make excellent souvenirs and keepsakes. Disney Pin prices can range from high to low, the latter being reasonably affordable for those sticking to a firm under-$20 budget.

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4. Collectible Keys

Another newer collection craze that’s gained momentum with Disney fans in recent years is Disney Collectible Keys. These keys are not intended to unlock anything concrete but rather the doors to your imagination. Each Key is the same in that they all feature that iconic Disney D insignia on the tip, but each one follows a specific Disney character or entertainment theme. Purchasing a specific Disney Collectible Key for a collector or as a memento makes for an excellent gift-giving idea. Even better, the price range for these keys is surprisingly affordable—most averaging somewhere between $10 to $16.99. This is a steal when you consider the rate of most other comparable quality collectible items.

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3. Souvenir Keychains

Your recently purchased Collectible Keys may not be intended for keychain placement, but what about those other keys you use everyday? While purchasing a themed keychain from any other vacation destination might seem a little cliché, a vacation at Walt Disney World Resort stands out from the rest. Therefore, their line of unique exclusive keychain themes pack a little something extra and offer plenty more novelty specifications that those at other vacation places. So before you consider a keychain as a mundane, redundant gift item, go ahead and check out the meaningful themes and quality. You may find something unique you didn’t expect to find and at a surprisingly reasonable rate too!

2. Magnets

Second to keychains on the list of common souvenirs for those on vacation to purchase for the folks at home are themed refrigerator magnets. And like the aforementioned Disney keychains, magnets that carry a Disney-exclusive theme go above and beyond the standards of other destination directed gifts of a similar nature. And again, Disney magnets are largely affordable and do not break your budget.

1. Ornaments

We’re now in full-swing of the holiday season, and that puts us all in mind of holiday gifts and décor now more than at any other time of year. Therefore, Disney-themed ornaments are likely at the forefront of most current visitors’ minds. But at any other time of year Disney ornaments are hot sellers as well. Visit various store locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort including Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom Park or Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs, and you will find so many diverse one-of-a-kind Disney-themed ornaments.

And it may surprise you to learn that some very high-quality finds here easily fall below the $20 budget, some at such affordable prices your jaw will drop. From special edition novelties to those with an option for personalization, to bring home a Disney ornament would make for a memorable gift to cherish.

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While we’ve highlighted gift items that can easily be purchased and brought home with guests, keep in mind that many Disney locations offer onsite mailing and shipping services, which may free you up on the return journey home. Also take note that you can always visit a local Disney Store location or an online shopping source to find Park original goods in the event that you are unable to pick up something live and in person at Walt Disney World Resort. In conclusion, it’s important to remember that giving the gift of Disney magic doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

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